Open beta prob wont be for a bit

There was a guess that beta would be opened up on Feb 9th on the community group on PSN but I have a hunch that won’t be the case. With a release date in May, 2 months for an open beta seems too long before release. With characters still in development (roughly a third of them) I would be willing to bet beta will probably be late March to early April during the more dead parts of game releases when companies are finishing up their fiscal year.

Off topic… It would be awesome to have a David Bowie homage in the game considering his fascination to sci-fi.


This sounds about right
As for homages, I’d love to see one for David Bowie, one more so for Motörhead’s Lemmy

Maybe they could be potential skins?


I doubt charachters r still in development, instead they r tweaking balance for both gameplay and server load. Given the nature of both, most companies either do a massive (open) beta test that runs for a long time or several short closed tests that grow.

I expect gearbox to do two large betas, one in feb(for preliminary testing) and one in april( for hype).

Side note: the division beta is the end of thus month supposedly.

They’ve already had a stress test, so an open beta is next on the list if what I’ve read is correct. The stress test is why the release date was pushed back from February to May.

A ctt and an open beta have way different scales. If they went straight to open beta the servers would have crumbled…more

Where did you hear the end o January? I’m just curious. Everyone seems to be pointing to February. I really hope you’re right. I need my Reyna fix.

I said the release date, not the beta date. BB was slated for February release, but was pushed back to May instead.

Love it!

I didn’t really think the servers were all that bad really at least on the PSN side for me.


They werent bad way stable once it got running.
But NAT types and matchmaking need major revisions. Imho Probably the reason for the delay :confused:

i would assume that the beta would be right befor or on the initial release date so people wont be so upset or bummed out they have to wait even longer. i know for me personally ive been following the game for about a year or more now

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I’m staring to think along those lines too but with PS4 getting beta first I’d suspect an additional two weeks for them. 2 weeks plus maybe 3-4 more for everyone. This would put it at a month and a half of beta leaving pleanty of time to do a stress test or 2 on all systems and ample time to make last min adjustments for server stability and game stability. This would probably put it at late March for the open beta.

Of course we don’t want too much of an open beta or else we could see possibilities of loss in intrest by the consumer. However this could be seen from a different perspective of enticeing more players when people stream the game and people getting word of mouth out about the game. So a longer beta might be slightly beneficial. I’ve been doing lots of word of mouth about it to co workers and social media and people are getting excited for it.

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Now all I can think about is Rath dressed as Bowie. :slight_smile:


You know it would be awesome.

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Doth that be a hint of sorts?

by the way I brought that idea up in a topic of my own

Negative. No hints implied. Just saying I like the idea! ;D

A Bowie Rath is 100 times better than a Kylo Ren Rath… just sayin…

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My guess is if they do an open beta it’ll probably be 1st week or so In February to give them time to work out any issues before the May launch date especially if they 2 a 2-4 open beta.

So twitter said the other day that beta info will come in the coming weeks. It might be possible that the info will be released in a couple weeks and might be sooner than I predicted (I hope). But with 2 weeks min (thus coming weeks) that means beta might start for PS4 mid February or early March. Just in time for mid terms. My GPA is going to cry.

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