Open letter to GB and devs

First of all, english is not my mother languague so any mispelling, please, forgive me. I just want to be part of the community and its efforts to make BL3 a greater game.

Guys and gals, AWESOME DEV TEAM, we know that you have been working really hard all those months. Bring exciting and constant content to a game like BL certainly is a huge challenge and we know it, specially with, like, 90% of the team working from home cause of corona. And because of that, something that I and many of this community wants is just one thing: Take. More. Time.

Take more time testing weapons. Take more time testing mechanics. Take more time testing and designing DLCs, Takedowns, seasonal events. Rather than bring hotfixes every week, take more time, like two weeks between every hotfix, or even a big hotfix per month, if it could ensure that you could sit down and look carefully to everything that you guys want to buff, nerf, adjust, fix etc. Take some time and use the stream team and other major content creators not just for our entertainment, but to help you with the testing, with the feedback, as they recently did, since many of them has tons to add based on their own and from their community dedication to break down the game, all of that with the same passion as I and everyone that keeps coming back to BL3 have.

We want content, we want you to free your creativity, we want reasons to come back frequently, but we want this in a game that works well, with variety of (useful) gear, with drop rates fixed, with balanced characters withing their own playstyle, with true and scaled challenges rather than just bullet sponges. Being able to play simply with what we already have can hold our attention with farm and crafting builds till the next hotfix/patch/event/DLC/level cap without suffering, Im sure of that.

Just take more time. If the problem to avoid more problems with every big patch is more testing, sure, take more time. We will be here waiting for it, always.


Nice post!

I have spoke English all of my life and you typed that out more accurately than 99% of the stuff that I type lol

Honestly your English and typing is perfect, wanna write a term paper for me?

I agree with the sentiment here wholeheartedly.

I strongly suspect, though, that GBX has contractual obligations for new releases with 2K and that 2K won’t relax those obligations even in light of Covid.

And they wouldn’t tell us that because contracts like that usually get stuffed full of non-disparagement and non-disclosure agreements too.

But just imagine if GBX posted a note to these forums saying “hey this is new content but it’s broken and hasn’t been playtested enough because 2K demanded it and won’t give us more time even though no one’s in the office over Coronoavirus. Sorry folks.”

First of all, hilarious. Second of all, wouldn’t most of the players basically go “Lol, so 2K sucks. Do what you can GBX” and be more understanding of the fact that the game is basically still a WIP?

I certainly would.


Yeah i dont wannt Joltzdude or KillerSix to tell the devs about what to fix and what not.
Also i dont wannt MItzu to do so.

We need PBE servers that is the only way to ensure nutral feedback.
Youtubers and Twitch people are not gods and thus they can’t find many bugs really in their short playtime, a public test server tho would

  1. be a lot of people playtesting doing their work for free
  2. just the mass amount of testing that is done leads to far better results
  3. streamers and such dont feed into what gbx likes to hear just in order to have the new content as the very first persons!

But with everything else i agree they should take more time and i also appreciate what they have done.
Is it my cup of tea? Not so much!

Why is that?
I love all things Borderlands but the last entry just did not reach me.
All of the bad jokes aside. I would give up gunplay if i can get back exploration easter eggs and references to the old games.

The Borderverse was one gigantic lore you could dive into with a lot of backstories to cover i used to soak up all the content and reach out for the most hidden things.

Now that drive is just gone cause there is no cake waiting for you at the end of that path just a invisible wall.
Even content got cut just before release as well as a certain Varkid boss and i would like to hear why.
Stop teasing all that stuff.


Just test new stuff before you release it!!!

Why would they do that when they have us! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face: :thinking:

The thing with dev team isnt about “telling what they should do”, but use the streamers, with their passion and knowledge about the game and its mechanics, to test things and see what the devs can do before they drop to ensure that the new content wont be broken, for better or worse, and just feed the snowball even more in the end of the day.

The streamers have their hole, theyre important for the community, but I want the devs to be free to create everything they - and only they - want, exactly like you.

I love you

Yeah, I can see contractual obligations being one of the reasons behind the timing with content droping, but at the same time I dont want to just sit down and see the game as it is without even trying to do something about.

Yeah man but content creators will tell gearbox anything just too please them.
We need neutral playtesting and this can only be done at public test servers.

The last thing this game needs is playtesters influenced by the pressure of positive representation just in order to keep good relation with a company.