Open letter to Gearbox

Dear Gearbox,

I’m a huge fan of Borderlands 3 hand have been an active player since the game first released last year. I was having fun with the game at all times but the time I had the most fun have been the last 3 or so months before the release of mayhem 2.0. I really liked the less intrusive modifiers and overall more classic playstyle of the old m4. Now, with the release of mayhem 2.0 my enjoyment of the game has really decreased. It’s really not that it is too hard, because it really isn’t. I jumped right into m10 with my old m4 gear and after a few good drops I could handle it, now with really good gear it’s not hard at all.

What really hampers my enjoyment of the game are the modifiers. It’s just not how I like to play this game. Like I said they’re intrusive and break my immersion. Additionally, they add another layer of visual pollution that this game really doesn’t need. Enemies blink and glow, there are flying hearts, skags have drones that follow them or the ground is fully covered in elemental puddles. It’s visual overload in its worst form for me.

Now, I get that I might not be in the majority here and that a lot of players actually like all that stuff and that is totally fine. But I know for a fact that there are others like me and even quite a few. So it would be nice if you could at least consider a modifier free m10 mode because I do like a challenge but without all that colourful fluff of the mayhem modifiers. I don’t want you to remove the modifiers, but maybe introduce a “modifier free” alternative. I wouldn’t mind lowered drop rates or even mayhem mode locked items, as long as I can farm them and then take them with me in the other mode.

Other than that I wanna express my love for the new event with its beautiful map, music and the cool boss fight. I think you did a terrific job with that and it’s the best bit of free content I have seen in a while, in any game. I just whish I could experience it on the highest difficulty without the modifiers.


100% agree^^


I just have one very legitimate question: Did anyone well and truly play mayhem 2.0 and genuinely think it was ready/acceptable before releasing it to the public? That’s really it. It’ll tell me all I need to know lol


people were begging the day before: “please make the modifiers optional! please give us an option to play the hardest difficulty without any random stuff” and got told “WaIT fOr It aNd JudGe LatER”
now we had to spend 1 week with rerolling that sxxxx for minutes to be as little annoying as possible


Totally agree with you OP. I had concerns about this system since they announced it. I hated the modifiers of the previous system as well but liked M4 for the same reason as you. It let me focus on the game instead of all the “crazy” modifiers that really detract from the game IMO. The modifiers also were not very interesting and leaned too heavily on resists/immunity to create difficulty which just limits builds, guns and even classes which is not fun or interesting IMO.

I had hopes that 2.0 was going to move away from all that and create difficulty that was gun/build/class independent. Think outside the box. Add more enemies. Give enemies a chance to spawn again on death or spawn as a stronger enemy on death with better chances for loot. That sort of difficulty would be more fun and wouldn’t favor any particular gear or build…just give us more of what is fun…killing enemies with our favorite gear/build.

Sadly, my fears were realized with this release. We just got more of the same and it’s even worse now. The granularity of levels and the ability to reroll them from anywhere is an improvement. However, the loot drops as you get higher and higher is terrible. The new guns have a terrible drop rate. Chest items are not scaled. Pre-2.0 items are not scaled properly. Non-gun gear is not scaled. AS is not scaled. IB is bad again.

I was just playing in the Villa area on M8 and opened a chest and saw a new Lob…I got excited to find an upgraded version only to realize a second later that nope…it’s not an upgrade because it’s not scaled to M8 even though I’M PLAYING AT M8. WTF sense does that make? As good as the update was (I’m loving the content itself) the implementation of it was TERRIBLE.


Speed Demon
Healy Avenger
Pool Party
Buddy system

I feel if these were in the base game as the regular behavior of enemies, players get a speed boost for kills akin to a bloodlust mechanic and all this was not labeled as modifiers there wouldn’t be any argument.

Its not that bad and I’ve said this before;
Onscreen “pollution” as people refer to it is next level animation from my POV, to tone down the effects is to add “blandness” to a beautiful game.

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the problem is also the randomnes ofc
maliwan troopers could have drones ofc, but not skags
maliwan heavies can spawn elemental puddles
a lower speed buff from the guardian system wouldnt hurt anyone

the randomnes is just destroying any immersion of the game


I find buddy system to be a real pain at times, in crowds the aim assist gets distracted and hip firing can drain ammo (Zane). I wish Recursion amp shots or carrier would track onto them but seems not to lol.


I dunno… I’m immersed in M10 and when the new Atlas AR proc’ed a 100million micro nades on screen - I salivated, my mouth was open in awe of the display.
Much love to GBX and this hectic shindig.
Its brilliant

@Prowler690 hit the immune foe with the Recursion his Buddy dies fast… Those drones don’t even warrant a mention they are so simple to dispatch.

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yea, you
try to see this a bit more objectively
dirty skags in the wild dont have tech support
norman humans dont just spawn healing hearts when they die
ik, ik, its all eridian hightech in our heads
but it still just doesnt fit and looks goofy


Dirty skags can have tech support because technology malfunctions all the time in this universe and cov like to build stupid ■■■■ like… Hey let’s program the tech to follow Pandora dogs…

Y’all talking about realism in a game that has a small frame girl spawning a mech out of her backpack…

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i guess i cant help it
some people just dont enjoy it and they shouldnt get their enjoyable vanilla game taken out of their hands
playing non-mayhem is NOT an option


Personally, I liked mayhem 3, I kinda liked M4. I even like a lot of the new modifiers, in theory. I just don’t get why gearbox seem so desperate for difficulty to be tied to randomness. Especially given that MOST players seem to want the option to choose how they play based on difficulty and randomness. Just give us the choice to select a difficulty level, give us the choice to add modifiers (all modifiers, from mayhem 1.0 and 2.0) and apply bonuses to each, so that the more difficult and random we make it, the more we are rewarded. Players will find their own level and be happy.

I stuck this to a vote, in January. 73% wanted them separate. Don’t get why gearbox still keep doing stuff like this. - Should mayhem difficulty and modifiers be separate?


Same here - whatever else I think about the last update, the Villa Ultraviolet is very, very well done imo.


on that note, from my experience, there was no difference on how difficult the game felt at the different max mayhem levels. m3, then m4, then new m10. in retrospect i feel when m3 was the maximum, it was the most fun due to more gear and build viability (minus the annoying modifiers)

the only thing that changed was that less and less gear was made viable, and modifiers compound this problem unless you reroll (not a good solution though)

weird how they realised modifiers that nerf players damage wasnt fun at m4, then they brought it back with 2.0


Nowhere in my M10 adventures have I seen “-50% SMG/shotgun damage”

So its hard to agree that these new mods nerf any build whatsoever, if you’re critical hit player don’t choose to the crit reduction mod… Mayhem 2.0 is miles ahead of the straight out -% to damage.

Speed Demon
Healy Avenger
Pool Party
Buddy system… What is the problem for any build under these modifiers = zilch, nadda, no bueno, no problem

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lol, i never said those modifiers were bad, in fact ive argued on other topics those ones can make the game more fun. they do cause massive visual pollution though

these ones remove damage: isnt the point of the game to try out different things? the modifiers should encourage using different weapons, not limit you.

Charred Mode
High Voltage
Acid Reign
Chilling them Softly
Totally Radical
Pain Tolerance
Ticked Off
Not the Face

the immunity modifiers dont annoy me personally, but they can be problematic since the game encourages you to use the effective element. now what if a robot spawns with coro immune? the game is punishing me for using the most effective element. now my options are either cryo or use elements that are weak against armor.


This reflects my experience pretty closely. I nearly made a similar post. I didn’t mainly because of what seems a small exceptionally vocal minority who have to come into nearly every thread like this and post a direct reply to every person who says, “Hey, I’m not enjoying this as much as I could.” with what looks like intent to get threads locked. (It has happened in others.)

So, for those who feel similarly, don’t take the bait. Share your thoughts and feelings. Don’t reply more than once or twice to any opposition. Share your experience, it is as valid and valuable as any.


then give us an option to tone it down.

some of us like to actually see things and not get headaches from playing.


You’re right. accessibility is good, costs nothing to have it, and im not interested in arguing otherwise