Open letter to Gearbox

Especially with that modifiers that gives u 25% more Gun Damage but gives 100% less accuracy and makes ur bullet spread wider as well lol tried it out not fun lol and yes I know I could just reroll modifiers which I did after never again

Fair enough. This strategy def backfires for me personally as I just quit for months at a time and come back to see if it’s more polished :confused: Typical in games these days tho, release broken product and hope the playerbase helps fix it for you while droves, and droves of players leave never to come back.

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@a.heinze.86 I totally agree with you on all points!

I would like to see the players which don’t feel the same to show a little empathy, but maybe I’m asking too much.


people are already leaving on my end. theres 3 people playing on my steam list when usually 10-20.
I can forget about organizing 4 player events too because we would spend more time rerolling than playing. I picked up trials of mana to relax and doom eternal for action. I’ll play them till they fix mayhem 2.0 if they even will and my friends come back as well


Yep, Xbox is having a sale right now that has a bunch of dlc for games I have. Scooped a few of those and am now picking those games back up just to remedy the frustration of BL3 atm :confused: And I was having so much fun pre-mayhem 2.0. Putting in like 6 hours or more a day because I got crap else to do with Rona destroying everything. Played a bunch with a good buddy of mine and now we are both at our wits end. No clue why Gearbox makes it so hard for me to like a game I actually want to like lol Oh well, I’m sure these other games will be happy to have me play them instead :smiley:

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Very much agree, implementation of mutators seems self-contradictory too. We get our mutator sets saved, per character, but getting the set in the first place involves rerolling a bunch of times, blessing RNG? Why not just let us choose?
Mayhem 2.0 has good things going for it but the execution is a bit shortsighted.


I think I’ve never visited the forum before the update.
I was generally happy with the game and I’ve never felt the urgency to give feedbacks.

When I’ve read the patch notes on Mayhem 2.0, I think I’ve panicked a bit. I couldn’t believe Gearbox was forcing me to play a way I didn’t want to.

So yes, I hope they will consider to bring this little change to Mayhem 2.0.

If they don’t, I fear a lot of us will be shaken off the BL3 player base.

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I have today so far, read my email. Did my daily tasks for Microsoft Rewards points. Opened boxes from Amazon. Written a review for Movie Theater spray-on “butter” I bought from Amazon. Installed heatsinks onto and “cased” a new Raspberry Pi 4 in preparation for a project (also purchased from a place named after a rain forest). I tried to assist some people with technical issues here on these forums. What I have not done is play Borderlands 3. Which is what I did every day since it launched. Every single day. For 8 to 12 hours every single day I played Borderlands 3. Since Mayhem 2.0 I don’t think I’ve put 15 hours total into the game. It is at least for some not a matter of will be, it IS. I am not compelled to play.


few things i don’t get when the devs update this game…

one that strikes me as weird, when M4 came out they did that because people didn’t like the modifiers…

now mayhem 2.0 is here and there’s nothing like the old M4 (increased difficulty no modifiers)

they show us they listen to the community (mostly when it comes to fixing their mistakes) but when the community tells them what they want in future patches (mayhem level on items, mayhem level without modifiers, etc.) they completely ignore them and when the patch comes out get buried in the backlash…


Maybe they are trying to appeal a different playerbase.

I don’t know, I’ve heard nothing from them that suggest me they care about our point of view.

I think that we have seen “positive outcomes”, due at least in part to feedback presented here and other places. I am hopeful. But there have been many choices made by Gearbox that just leave me repeatedly scratching my head. They have “dropped the ball” more than once with Borderlands 3, but have for the most part picked it back up again. The waiting is less than fun, but there is only so quickly that realistically they can respond.

The thing that is most “curious” to me, as someone else has said in this thread, is why they seem to keep repeating what looks like very similar mistakes. Sometimes you can’t help but smashing your finger in a door. But once you know that smashing that finger hurts, you usually at least try pretty hard to not repeat it. But we’ve seen some repeatedly “smashed fingers” from Gearbox. It hurts.

If the entire game is already completed and all they are doing is rolling it out to us in stages, I could to some degree see how this could “keep happening”. But then that brings into question the playtest and quality control issues that have been raised.

I just don’t understand. Hopefully they “bring the fun back” to Borderlands for those of us who do not feel Mayhem 2.0 delivered on the original experience of the game at launch. (Or even immediately preceding Mayhem 2.0)


Then I’ll be hopeful as well :+1:

I wasn’t there watching the other times when GB committed some errors.
The only actual comparison to this situation I can possibly get may be the scaling of the Maliwan Takedown, but I don’t know what happened on this forum.
I don’t know the number of players who asked for a change that time compared to the number of players that are asking now.

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Yknow, I love the game. Even if the main story isn’t the best ever and the killed off best girl. But i have cut my gameplay to half this past week, after i finished the cartel challenges. And i would like to list the reasons as to why i don’t feel like playing anymore:

  • First and most important, my game freezes at random and its very annoying, related to most likely cryo debuffs, made a post about it
  • My favorite thing to do is using iron bear, but i cant past mayhem 5 and i also dont wanna lower it to 4 or else i will be killing for low tier loot. Viable bear in endgame is a must, please, fix. I dont want to turn my best friend into a turret for annointments.
  • I cant find several side quests because the galaxy menu shows the ! icon on the map name, but the map either doesnt show the mission or straight up doesnt have one anymore (athenas being a good example). Is this a bug or did i miss anything?
  • Finally, i have a lack of goals, I feel like i completed most of the game and i dont want to farm for no reason. As much as i love how the killing feels in this game, i need a reason to do it for hours.

With all the whinning out of the way i also wanna say that it is still my favorite game on steam right now, and im in love with moze’s skills. (so much in fact i cant really enjoy other characters!)
But i’d love some improved balance for the endgame, fix the mayhem problems, and such… and maybe some performance tweaks too? A special effects quality option would be awesome, way too many explosions. [ (!) Torgue will remember that ]


I hate Buddy System. The immunity Orbs are stuck in things all the time, have no limit to the length of tether and are frequently hidden behind the enemies. If they couldn’t go underground, or inside objects and had a reasonable tether length then I’d find it far more acceptable.

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I’m thinking I’m gonna sell all my loot… and just play tvhm, no mayhem, no annointments on guns and actually play the game as it is meant to feel. Try out some builds that aren’t mayhem worth but are Uber fun to play on a balanced playing field without the scaling problems of enemy upscaling and our items not. Things like:

  1. Fl4k pets
  2. Iron bear
  3. drone damage
  4. clone damage without double barrel
  5. Vehicles! (Remember when vehicles were able tanks in bl2… In bl3 you are safer not driving in vehicles and will do more damage)

I might actually have fun with this game cause mayhem 2.0 is awful and even broke loot drops


you wrote what i wanna say so eloquently.

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What I don’t understand is why, when the game already has performance issues would you introduce even more demanding visuals and fancy animations?
I’m fed up of the game stuttering and randomly freezing/crashing and running around for hours for little reward.
It’s no longer fun :unamused:


This 100%. I’ve spent more time on these forums this week than I have actually playing the game, the same game I absolutely loved before the patch and played as often as I could.


Last week just started a new playthrough with this in mind, no mayhem, no farming, using even blue or purple items. Kinda sick of overusing the same items and refarming everytime when a new mayhem mod appears or level cap is increased. I did the same with Bl2 because of the uvhm2 and op mods.

Yeah I haven’t been playing basically at all (and I was pretty hyped for the M2.0 update before it was released), I pretty much just browse the forums and watch some Borderlands videos here and there. I’m still interested in keeping up with the game, I just wasn’t having any fun actually playing it and now my motivation is zero.