Open letter to the dev who made the "Double Downer" shield in the new DLC

I LOVE you! No, seriously, I really love you! I can’t describe how happy the Double Downer’s red text made me. If you see this Gearbox employee, whoever you are, know that I will forever hold this shield in my heart as my all time favorite piece of gear in any Borderlands game ever! Mephisto’s Cafe by Streetlight Manifesto, my all time favorite band since I was a mere lad of 13, first discovered at my very first concert opening for The Aquabats, they have been my favorite ever since! The fact that this red text was in here was absolutely mind boggeling! Thank you SO MUCH! Borderlands® 3   12_21_2019 6_50_07 AM (2)


That’s trippy, I was just wondering if they were ever gonna make annointments related to second winds and fight for your life. This shield sounds cool. Was it in the new dlc and if so is it a quest reward?

Omg. Omg. It’s stuck in my head now. This is amazing

Yeah it’s a quest reward (Mission name is I think “Double Down”, naturally…) :slight_smile: Just got one last night as a matter of fact while mopping up some side quests.

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I just got this shield, and I was almost as excited as you to see the red text (don’t have a personal connection to the song like you do, but still one of my favourites). Reminds me of when I first got the Sleeping Giant smg (title of a Mastodon song, with the red text taken from the lyrics) l wonder how many more weapons and items are music related?

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yeah it’s from the dlc, it’s available once the main dlc story is done.

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I’m not one hundred percent convinced the Mindsweeper com isn’t at least half brought in as a name because of Enter Shikari.

Judging from my farming if ember’s blaze, I don’t think uniques can get other parts…but they can get anointments.


I call this the git gud shield.
The text at least gives me something to song to sing in ffyl.

Solid point! My bad!

That said. I have some really good Ember’s Blazes. It’s like a tankier Red Suit with less real utility. But it’s fun