Open Petition to GBX for Drop Rates

My Vault Hunters, the drop rate + anointed + raid scale it comes to an end.

Let’s ask to implement this event as the default behavior for Borderlands 3.

Let’s collect your signatures. You do no need to comment. A simple “agree” or (I hope not) “not agree” will do.

Thank you!
PS: I did not know how to do a poll. Sorry!


i’d say no to drop rate and raid, both drop less than before the event.
Anointed yes stay the same from the event.

  • Keep drop rates and TD scaling
  • Revert to pre Frenzy rates and scaling

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Well …uh …heh heh…guess you haven’t heard already…


Holy crap YES! They actually listened to us. Really liking the True Takedown switch idea.


Wow, I know a few will be upset, but wow. Awesome! (can’t be too upset we are all getting what we want!)

we want them permanent

Haha, I guess you can close this thread since today’s hotfix does exactly this :slight_smile:

nice, but still the question is how often will rares turn up bet it wont be 100%. but if it is great as it needs to be to get any chance at there dedicated loot. bonus about the raid giving it a switch, atleast can get loot back to levels before event nurfed it.

Not actually. Only for rare spawn enemies. We need the increased drops across the whole game.


agree needs buffing across the board. it’s still to low. a lot only have 1% chance of a drop on M4, which it pethetic.

It’s a step in the right direction though and shows that some developers do take into account what the community has been discussing. :+1:

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Yep I agree it’s a nice step in the right direction.

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Now if only Road Dog would give up his bloody shotgun LOL.

From Noelle:

You might want to ask her specifically because that quote doesn’t clear anything up at all. Still sounds like she’s talking about rare spawn drop rates.

This quote however is perfectly clear:

After analyzing play patterns, we are permanently increasing the spawn rate for these enemies and have buffed their drop rates and their Anointed chance to be on par with bosses.

Notice use of the words these enemies and their drop rates. Nowhere does it mention any other drop rates.

I did pose the question in that thread, but she didn’t respond to mine. I guess we’ll see once we get back to farming.

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Im not being a knob but I did ask about rare spawns and droprates. :wink:

yeah i’m a bit confused by this aswell. i thought the dedicated drop rate were the same across the board same with annointment rates? the only take away i get from this is rare spawns now spawn more often.

As Kab quoted, the way I see that is the rare spawns possibly had a lower drop chance than a boss unique in addition to the rarity of appearing making it hard to get the stars to align for the drop.

Now they will appear more often and the unique chance has been brought in line with bosses.

Farming over time and reporting back here will be the way we see how this is working.

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