OpenGL 3+ download

i had HWR running in VMware on a Mac Book Pro. my drive crashed and when I’m trying to rebuild it, am having trouble getting a virus/spyware free download of OpenGL 3 or later. would Gearbox or Valve please make it available on Steam?

There is a HWR for mac, but at present it is app store and not steam, and no mods or multiplayer. The company’s FAQ suggests a steam release with (EDIT: potential) multiplayer and mods is coming, and if you buy it one place you don’t automatically get it for the other. But if you have it on steam already, you should get the mac steam version automatically when it’s available.

I don’t recommend getting the aspyr version. You won’t be eligible for the Steam version of you buy that, no steam multiplayer, no mods. I’m not sure how they are with updates.
Just wait for the official Mac steam version.

Also I’m not sure what you mean by Open GL download. It should be included in your gfx card drivers. If it supports it.

Is it in the folder with other drivers in the
Homeworld Remastered folder? Search and you will find it.

when I launch steam and then try to play Homeworld, it gives me a message that I only have version 1.1 of OpenGL and if I click to continue the game still quits in me.

I was perfectly happy playing it on the PC side (I have Windows 7). ironically the Mac laptop makes a better PC than my Dell laptop from work…

I recommend just playing on Windows. At least until they release an official steam Mac version.

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Stick with windows for now. Or be patient and wait for the steam Mac release. Simple.