Opening Eldrid loot packs

Decided to open 20+ Eldrid loot packs hoping I’d get a taunt or skin for ThornBd this is what I got

That sucks dude. I got thorns with a free pack I think, or by accident… anyways it’s yellow…sort of

I put a post in general discussion about the rarity of skins in loot packs. I’d appreciate you also posting that video there.

Yeah i’ve spent just about everything in eldrid packs in 68 command ranks… no taunt or skin for boldur :frowning:

Same problem for me no miko skins or taunts except I have only one eldrid skin and it was from my commander pack which guaranties a skin or taunt (luckily it was for miko)

You think trying to just get skins is bad, I’m trying to get the legendaries I found in some of the faction packs. And some of them were amazing, tears me apart I found them during the open beta.

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Now I’m going to save my money until the first big update when they add more skins and taunts with alani

There’s a really cool Thorn skin I want that I had in the beta, I won’t stop until I get it again! And no problem I’ll postbthe video now :smiley:

It might be a tier 2 or 3 skin which are not released yet

I’ve opened about 10 maybe, more like 8 probably, and I’ve gotten one skin, unless you count the one that’s guaranteed with the rank up, which was a white miko skin (our winter coat, my fave miko skin so far) The one I got was the purple and blue one(for thorn), which i think is a common. I don’t know how many packs I’d have to buy of a faction to get lucky enough to get something like the American eagle skin for benedict. (that’s the only one that’s unique that I know of at the moment) REally hope they buff the drop rate some, but not all too much because I like that there are skinns some people have, and some people don’t. Makes the skin collection for people more unique.

Been buying the eldrid packs nonstop as well and I think I only got 2 skins from them. A thorn one where she is in pink and a Miko one where he is purple and yellow.


  • 2 Aztani Aventail () (Guerrilla’s)
  • 8 Remedy Box (Drained Healthy)X2 (Drained Survivors) (Healthy)X4 (Survivors)
  • 7 Regrowth Serum (Drained Healthy)X2 (Drained Survivors)X2 (Survivors) (Healthy)X2
  • 3 Ekkuni Scalemaile (Active)X2 (Fickle Phsycian’s)
  • 2 Clawshorn Sandal (Primitive Gorilla’s) (Helpful)
  • 2 Golemic Sigil (Antiquated Stout) (Stout)
  • 6 Symbiosis Rune (Active)X3 (Drained Active) (Drained Survivor’s) (Survivor’s)
  • 8 Eldrid Bio-Weave (Healthy)X4 (Mending) (Drained Survivor’s)X2 (Survivor’s)
  • 1 Spirit of Wind (Primitive Helpful)
  • 1 Glyph of Insight (Antiquated Stout)
  • 1 Aelfrin Warblade (Fortifying)
  • 3 Skin (Mellka - Vagrant) (Thron - Veratrilim) (Kelvin - Did You Know…)
  • 1 Taunt (Boldur - Death is Hilarious)

Possible bug:
Eldrid Commander Pack contains Jennerit Bio Rhythmic Timer

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Pretty sure Thorn only has 2 skins and 2 taunts atm. I managed to get them all thank goodness, now I can focus gear :3

I got a blackish grey thorn so does that make 3 skins?

One other than the one in the video?

Dang it back to the packs I go :confused:

Yup I remembered what the one I’m after us called ‘Nightshade’ it’s pretty awesome :slight_smile:

Isnt that the purplish one?

From what I’ve seen every BattleBorn has three skins (blue/plum, white/sky blue, yellow/purple) and two taunts available through the loot packs

Yeah that’s The purple one :slight_smile:

Then I have them all