Opening your NAT?

I recently found a fix to the fact it seems there is no players online, go to your xbox settings then go to ur Internet settings rather than checking network connection click check multiplayer connection, when it comes up saying everything is fine click the top two bumpers of the control pad do not press a. Basically you want it to tell you you have a cone port if it doesn’t say you do just repeat the steps then press a, after this ur Nat should show as open and you will find a lot.more players, I hope this helps some pepple

Thanks WigWammagc. I’m going to look into this on my xbox one. Not sure it still applies after patches on the Handsome Collection and the xbox-one.

FYI, my gamertag is matrixneo42 I’m still playing. I have all 6 characters at at level 70. Now I’m hunting prestige resets and bad ass rank.

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