Operation Questions Because I Lack Knowledge

How does this work? Is each Operation it’s own queue? Are the only options that appear what you have? What if you just have one? Isn’t that the same problem as it having its own queue because then season pass holders would have to deal with being forced into one without voting? I realized I didn’t know the answer to this question after thinking of how they should add a Boss Rush level with all of the Op bosses after the 5th comes out. Why do you guys think of that idea? And how would it interact with the queues? If no one knows about the queues, even after scanning all the info (which I usually do but may have missed something), please ping Randy and/or Joe

I don’t think they have thought how it would work quite yet considering there is only one operation, but this is a good question.

Queues and playerbase division are a big issues for the Dev team. I’m absolutely positive they’ve thought bout the queues.

What I suspect and the intelligent approach would be to combine the OPs into one queue outside of the newest one separating it until the next OP comes out or in the case of the last, until it is no longer new

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I agree, they likely have had this thought out since before August.
That would make sense. But still, what happens when I just have 3 and try to join? Is 3 forced, or will I only be matched up with people who only have 3? What if I only have 2 and 4? Will I only be matched with people who have 2 and 4?

You can have groups of more then 6 when you try to join PvP
It just prompts you with a message saying you have too many players

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Ah my apologies. I meant Operation # 2, 3, 4, etc. I just didn’t wanna write their full names out lol

That’s actually a good point
Maybe matchmaking determines what dlc the three participants own and your three/four selections are based off that.

Player 1 has 1-5
Player 2 has 1, 2 ,3
Player 3 has 2, 3, 5

Ops up for vote would just be 2 and 3

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