Operation Rewards List

I only paid attention to the amount needed for getting the skins, but what are the rewards for 40+ ops points? I’m very confused as I want to get commander packs, but idk how high I need to go for that or if there are any other things I get besides the skins on the way.

For commander packs, you use finish the OP with 100 points every time

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50 is taunts for OM, Deande, and Attikus, and a title, 60 is a one time Commander pack 70 is a title, 85 is a skin, 100 is a title and unlimited commander packs

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What you said
I was in the middle of typing some of that out as well.
But then I seen your post, damn you

Haha, I suppose it wasn’t fair. After spending hours typing up a complex version of that list, I got it all memorized. And half of the names of the skins. For example, Alani’s first is Gracilaria. Ambra’s is Excoriation. Which is absolutely disgusting by the way

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Thanks to you both for replying. That helps :slight_smile:

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You’re right! I keep on seeing that name and feeling like it’s familiar and then forgetting. We should. Next time I see you on when I’m on I’ll message
Np. Here to help (tips cap), m’lady (rides off on horse).