Operations: Heart Of Ekkunar Bug

Towards end of mission, after the 3 + 3 shard cluster shields but before end boss battle and its 3 shields, when standing on the pad that cancels the Varelsi swarming, the pad itself has started to lock the player on pad down, stuck in place, unable to move away.

2 instances since yday.

Workaround is to quit and restart/rejoin if player is in team, but if solo mission is probably lost.

@JoeKGBX @jythri @dante_d_silva


@SirWalrusCrow I think you’ve had this, not sure if you got video/pictures!

Indeed I do!


It’s always you :joy:


Thanks for the report and video, guys! I’m fairly sure that for bugs, there’s a support page to report to? But it doesn’t hurt calling it out elsewhere–worst case scenario is we hear about it twice.
Eyes are on!

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Are you sure? Word on the street is whenever something gets reported, a hammer comes down from the roof and bonks a Gearbox Dev in the head! :hushed:

Well, that’s absolutely true, but it doesn’t come down on MY head, so it’s fine :wink:

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Correct – this would be a good one to pass on to support (http://support.gearboxsoftware.com) I think. I’ll also check in with the team on it as well. Thanks @GUNZERKUS!

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If you die over the pad your chances to get stuck increaee to 100%


And if you use Thorn’s Burst Propulsion while looking up while standing on the elevatorpad exiting the first area in “The Saboteur”, you’re also increasing the risk of getting stuck by 100%.


Don’t ask me how I know.

Then of course, there’s this :grin:


@dantesolar: Yes. Death/Respawn on the spot seems to trigger.

I posted about this the night it was out and didnt get a response, just call me mr invisible I guess.

When is it not Sir Walrus? I do wonder how you always manage to get yourself into these situations… :laughing:

The video when you glitched out on the bridge is even funnier from your perspective @SirWalrusCrow.

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