Operations: kill with skill

Can there something be done with that stupid “challenge”? It has nothing to do with difficulty or “pushing hard”, it’s just a stupid lottery of whether it works or not. I’m tired of missing my 100 OPs because that stupid thing didn’t work, I’m actually pissed.

It looks like I have more wasted missions than successful ones, it’s not what was supposed to happen.


Avoid Jennerit ships is an irritating one as well: it’s brief and easy the second time around, but the first time it’s basically a melee nightmare (although I suppose the swarm of Elite bots is already a melee nightmare.)

And then there’s the boom bots. At least that one comes early.

The fact that, apparently, not all skills count for skill damage makes the “kill with skill” one especially dicey, though.

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I would like it if there was more consistency. Evidently Blinkstorm and Dreadwind piled onto one Elite, with Attikus no where near, isn’t enough to satiate the challenge’s salt hunger.

That’s not even touching upon the randoms skills that just don’t count at all.

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Also, I can’t be the only one who also didn’t notice in time that Gali’s lasers are not considered “melee” for the kill with melee challenge. Now I run around awkwardly spanking pylons and deadeyes with my buckler, pretending like I don’t have this giant sword in my other hand :frowning:


For the jennerit ship one the first time around: if you go down to the right as soon as you enter that section, the ship doesn’t shoot down there and the enemies will funnel down there for you to kill


At least they are not luck-dependent. Avoid ship attacks can be done by just staying far away and letting Attikus to finish all of them. It’s boring and unpleasant, but doable. Boom-bots require a bit of practice to quick-melee them away, but once you get the hang of it it’s relatively easy. Be sure to keep an eye on the map to notice them as early as you can - before Nova starts to describe the challenge, then position yourself between bots and the beacon.

Gotta try it, but doesn’t she switch to normal melee when you’re near the target?

Nope. They still deal damage with the projectile no matter how close you are. You can still hear the sound of it being fired. It’s where about half of her damage comes from when she’s in someone’s face.

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I haven’t had any problem with the boom bots the last few times they’ve showed up - but because they seem to be a rarer challenge, I consistently forgot they existed early on, and they’d always appear while I was busy collecting health pickups from the battlefield (or just generally scampering about - I like to scamper.) Now I watch like a hawk, haha.

With full-health Gali at any range, she’ll do her normal melee attack and then fire the lasers: that’s what makes Gali’s laser DPS so devastating, because it stacks both damage sources. If the melee lands the kill, it’ll count, but if the lasers get the kill, it won’t. Much safer just to do it with quick melee.

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This is what I would like to see.

Challenges will consider characters you have when given so that when playing solo you never receive something like dodge the ship attacks while you’re a melee. But while you are in a group it will give a challenge that not everyone can do but only one or two people can. So something like melee the pylons would only show up when you have a melee character and he would have to go and do that while everyone else focuses enemies. That’s just one example but I’m sure in the last three DLCs they could implement challenges more suited to certain character types (mobile get to certain areas quickly, melee kill stuff with melee, sniper kill enemies attacking from a far away platform, maybe a wounded NPC needs to be healed by a medic). This would be nice as it would ad a new role for characters during an op and give a little more depth to it.


I think I would try standing with it behind me and kill it with the spin.

Posers don’t look back at explosions, real badasses don’t even look at the enemy they are killing


I’ve honestly quit this mission several times in frustration because of this nonsense. I quite clearly use one of my skills to kill an enemy, such as Ghalts ult, and it just doesn’t count. So I try again and whittle the enemy to low health, enough to finish it off with a trap or chain pull, but before I get that last hit in BAM! Attikus for the “win”.

I liked the challenges leading up to the top, but not the ones at 50 ops. Getting rid of the propaganda, defacing statues, opening doors to get shards, etc. All of it was more enjoyable than what I am now left with. Kill Assassin Bots/Snipers/Loyal Shaman for the first challenge, and nothing else. Kill Boombots/more Snipers/special bot for the second challenge. Bleh. The earlier challenges were more interesting and entertaining.


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there’s an opportunity to balance Gali for PvP here by removing the ability to hit a melee target with both her laser balls and sword strikes together.

Playing Ops as Miko.
Game: Kill elite bot with a skill.
Me: But, I’m Miko. I only have one skill that does any damage, and it does a fairly small amount of damage as well. Please game, give me something else. :cry:
Game: Nope, sorry can’t do that, but have fun and remember the sweet sweet loot at 100 ops if you succeed!!

Miko’s passive counts as skill damage so I think it would count towards killing it with a skill.

That would cripple her damage. Most people don’t realize this but those projectiles are literally at least half her damage output and she loses it the moment she takes health damage. Her base dps is fairly low compared to other characters and damage from her skills is minimal.

This seems like a good place to leave this link

…That one seems so broke.
Riv and I were doing a 100 OPs this morning and nether of us got touched but it failed.
Not sure but I was Dragon and had enabled the extra punch and that might have triggered it.

I think the main problem comes from the fact that there is not much communication within this community. I have no idea why, but there is always something casual feeling about playing Battleborn. In situations that would definitely make me run for my mic in other games, I sort of just go with the flow and have a drink or two while playing.

I am not even sure I noticed this before playing the Ops, because nothing really required much communication before it. Suddenly we have these ops that can easily be ruined by 1 person not paying attention for even a second (looking at you, avoid the Jennerit tank missions). It can be really brutal when you are trying to farm 100 ops and every time you get a teammate (only 1, rarely 2) that is new to the Ops and also trying out Kid Ultra. I will admit that I have just quit at this point to try to find another team because I don’t feel like getting my mic and walking someone through the ops challenges.

BTW, I loooooove that they hid an ops point chest in the beginning of the Attikus OP. It is the only way to see if your teammates know how the op works when the level starts up. If they go left, they are in the know, if they immediately go right then you are going to have to show them how it’s done.

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That ■■■■ has happened to me too. I haven’t done them in a while because of that.

The kill with skill one is annoying for several characters, but I keep randomly getting the “shard Collector” on the third part of the mission and I cant figure out how to get on the thing. its a pain to get perfect up to there and then that mission objective show up. Can someone explain that one to me?

There’s a jump pad behind the first Rendain statue on your left as you enter the area. There’s also another one behind the other statue. Once you get the shard and leave the floating platform, it’ll disappear, so using the jumpads again can cause you to die unless you have an escape ability.