Operations, Season pass and such

Hi everyone!

I have had the game on Steam and PS4 (on PS4 I bought the season pass version) for a while now and on PS4 everything works (as far as I’ve seen) as it should, but om Steam I only had the base game the things shown on the screenshot. And even though I have the full game unlocked since March (on Steam) I can’t access Operations or what they are called because the game tells me that I have to have the Season pass or some pack (I forgot its name) but I can’t buy those so now I’m left without that gamemode and the ability to purchase said things.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could solve this?
Thank you in advance

Operations are DLC, you can’t access them without a season pass. And you can buy all the operations from the in-game marketplace with the Platinum, still.


That’s odd I didn’t see them anywhere, I’ll check again. Thanks

I found it exactly where you said it would be. Thanks

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