Operations too difficult after update

Me and some friends have been trying the Operations after the update only to find we’re getting two shotted even by minion bots and thralls. We’ve been doing it on 50+ ops points, but I don’t remember it being this difficult before the update. Please do something about this because we’re unable to complete operations at all because of this.

I concure. She’s streaming this RIGHT NOW and I’m watching her take shed loads of damage, and they don’t even have 100 Ops points 90% of the time. Something has seriously gone wrong here

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The Ops are pretty easy by yourself but in a group of 2 or 3 they are damn near, if not, IMPOSSIBLE!

Literally nothing has changed for me since the updates with regards to the Operations. It’s the same for me.

I’ve played with friends on the Ops too, nothing changed. There’s always been high damage, but not two-shots… yet I haven’t experienced any two shots.


Be more specific regarding your situation.

Which operation is it, what character were you using, and how many players involved?

Certain operations encourage a specific combination of gear to survive.

We haven’t tried the other 3 operations yet, but we were having trouble with Oscar Mike vs The Battle School and Phoebe and The Heart of Ekkunar. I understand that the Operations are meant to be challenging, especially on high ops points. But we’ve even gotten two shotted on full health and full shield. One varelsi scaven was even doing like 1800 damage on it’s own.

For OP3, the more players there are, the more chaotic it becomes. I’m not just talking about the amount of enemies spawned, but the ability to control the situation to complete the challenges drastically decreases.

In a solo environment, the arena is more than big enough to hide behind pillars, or the turret is more than strong enough as a decoy. But with 3 man, the place becomes too tight, and things go out of control really quickly. OP3, by far, is the worst operation to do it in a group.

As a general rule, Scavens are terrifying in any scenario. If you played Advanced Saboteur, you’ll know just how high of a priority they are to kill. In Operations, they are equally terrifying.

The issue with OP5 is that there are a lot of varelsi enemies in large groups, where varelsis do the most amount of damage overall, and you have to start using very specific gear to survive. You need the OP4 boss drop legendary for massive damage reduction, and ideally the boss drop off OP5 for health regeneration. The last piece of gear is either a legendary shard generator or OP1’s boss drop for enhancing skill damage.

OP5 does not encourage diverse builds, not when you almost instantly die when you deviate from that formula. Only very specific characters would use a different gear build, like Kelvin, but everyone else will get two to three shotted by Scavens if they don’t have sufficient damage reduction from said gear.

If you don’t have said gear, you just have to be a lot more conscientious of your surroundings.

I can go through OP5 with ease without using any Ops gear. But that does make the ease… easier…

OPs are raids. They are designed to be the hardest PVE content the game has to offer.

The only mission i have isseus is with the demon bears! Those alphas are crazy…

Om “side quest” can be hard.

But thats it. Have u tried to increase ur survavility by gear?

I hope I offered you some sort of insight on how to tackle the operations you’re struggling with.

Later operations heavily encourage you to use Operations Only gear, as it would make certain parts of each of them easier overall. The other part is the general knowledge of each operation themselves.

Everyone has their opinions on OP4 though, and you will see why really, really quickly if you haven’t played it enough.

Look around the forums dude, I’m not only one taking to the forums to complain about the difficulty of the operations after the update. It’s not our loadouts or character picks, it’s something about the update that’s screwed up the operations.

Does this only happen in groups? Or does it affect solo as well?

I did OP3 solo 5 times since the update. It feels exactly the same to me as before. All I could pray for is the devs are going to test the damage in group scenarios.

Otherwise, I have no idea what you are even talking about.

This update specifically? Yeah, you kinda are. In fact nothing you’ve said is something I’d even consider “new.” This stuff has been subject of discussion since the ops originally came out.

I’d say take some of @Rivaire 's advice. We’ve been dealing with this for months. (Collectively, that is. Not, like, at the same time.)

The OP seems to be talking about an actual glitch or bug that is making Operations harder. Not just builds or loadouts or strategerie or skill.

But I haven’t experienced any change in difficulty since the update.

Op if you streamed it can you post a link? Perhaps that would help

I won’t be able to right now, but I will look through my Twitch channel archive for the streams later and post the links if the streams are still there. I don’t know why it seems harder after the update, because before it I’d played the Operations so many times and, yes, we struggled, but they were never impossible for me and friends to complete until now. It was okish at 60 something ops points, but as soon we gotten into the 70s on the ops points it was like they’d skipped a difficulty altogther. I don’t even understand what could’ve caused it myself, all I know is that I’m suddenly finding them so much harder even though I’ve successfully completed all of them at a high amount of ops points in the past. Do you need me to post a picture of my previous scores for the Operations as well as the link to the streams?

I only suggested posting the stream so you can actually show what you’re referring to. If it’s a bug or glitch seeing it in action is the easiest way to prove your point and let’s the devs see it

I wasn’t meaning it like that, I’m not actually getting defensive.

There were always enemies doing huge amounts of damage in the ops, obviously video evidence would be helpful!

But it’s also strange because I would have thought they would be easier with the attacker/defender buffs :stuck_out_tongue:

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