Opinion: Due to the rising difficulty in BL3 more and more players are using “exploitive gear”

I’ve seen time and time again players using said gear, and when I ask them why they use said gear they tell me it’s because the game is too hard. I’ve joined many lobbies ever since Mayhem 10 came out and these lobbies were filled with these players. This thread can be locked or whatever but I’m just sayin it how I see it. Thanks for reading.


I see it too

it is not too hard it is just limited amount of gear is viable for achieving fast time to kill

there is nothing hard about borderlands games there is no movement or timing skills invloved and all you need is subpar aim


I love Mayhem 10 but it just breaks my heart when I see a player having to resort to what I would call “tampered with gear” to even play on Mayhem 10. Mayhem 10 is not impossible.

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If only you were in these lobbies with me to tell these people straight