Opinion on Pendles

So I’ve been reading through some of the forum threads and the noumerous discussions that pendles pops up in and I was wondering whats everyone’s opnion on the sneaky snake? How do you guys think he helps a team in pvp? Ive been seeing a lot of mixed feelings about him and since hes qyickly becoming my most used and favorite character I’ve been wondering how other people use him and how they feel about his kit. (Also yes this may be a bit late since he came out months ago but I’m still a tiny bit new to this game and want to figure out the communitys opnion on him)

I like Pendles a lot, but you have to understand and enjoy his playstyle, which a lot of people don’t. I like sneaking around and picking my spots, using him as hit-and-run wave clearer and wiping out retreating enemies. As long as you don’t use him to try to initiate, you’re golden.

On the other side, he’s not tough to kill, and if you’ve got a durable character or roll in groips, it’s easy enough to counter him.

He’s got a very high skill floor, and an even higher skill ceiling. People hate him because he destroys uncoordinated teams.

Just be cautious, be aware, and always be with your team. He preys on squishies, and retreating targets. If there’s a Pendles on the enemy team, rely on your healers, and don’t attempt to back.

He’s a finisher, not a fighter. He’s got one of the lowest health pools in the game, and one of the slowest movespeeds while uncloaked.

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Can be great for casual, useless in top tier competitive games.

He may be a finisher, but with his ult, ESPECIALLY late game, he is a KILLER

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Pendles is an unorthodox character, my most effective for helping a team

(meltdown) is build cost reduction, steal the enemy shards and every giant shard you can then keep turrets up for allies and giant bots flowing through

In incursion he can actually help in more ways than mopping up low enemies even though that is the most direct contribution. If he is constantly grabbing shards he can give his team mates more resources while denying them to the enemy(more elite bots and turrets)

I use full regen because especially after level 5 he can just keep smoke bombs on the sentry and keep it from recharging its shields very far

Ehhh, but relying on your ult to get kills isn’t a good thing. You’ll get one or two like that, and then you’ll find yourself with a team who turns around and shoots you the moment you ult.

I usually top score with him, and rarely use his ult at all.

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I don’t rely on it, but when I see a full health squishy or team fight in progress I use it as it is made to be a sure kill (and you should use his ult more) also you won’t die due to using it just smoke and RUN

I was one of the biggest Pendles haters, but I have started playing him and really like him. I realized that I don’t hate Pendles, I hate most Pendles players, those douchebags who just wait by your healing station and kill those who escape from the fight to get healed up.

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I think he’s fine. Weak when played by people who can’t. Strong when people who are good play him. Fix Marquis and he’s balanced


I have become quite interested in his shuriken. They seem to have unlimited range and perfect accuracy, and their damage isn’t bad, either. I am wondering if I can use them to soften up a target by knocking down their shield and doing some health damage, and then cloaking and moving in to finish them off with melee and injection before their shield comes back up. Has anyone tried this?

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His shurikens are best used as a finishing tool when uncloaked cause even though they have low damage they have a HUGE crit modifier so they’re best used as a back up when your target is running away and you can’t catch up easily

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So his ninja stars do to more crit damage, I always thought they were a little much

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They’re soooo slow though. I wouldn’t recommend using them unless they’re that low to be finished off by one or two.

I think pendles is a good character if played correctly. I’ve seen some pendles players just running round and getting thralls and not really getting involved in the team fights, making the game feel like a 4v5 making it very difficult. As long as the pendles gets involved in killing and clearing he is a great character.