Opinion: Should we have more CC Cleansing Characters?

Hey Everyone! On the PC side here, when playing with a lot of friends in-game private matches we were talking about how matches can get pretty CC heavy. I’m sure many of us has fallen victim to chain CCs. Right now, only Reyna can debuff with her shield booster and can AOE debuff with her Ult at Lv 10… which takes awhile to get. Would have been nice if KU’s Drones had a Debuff helix but unfortunately it doesn’t. I really hope that maybe char #30 has some debuff with them. Would be cool if we had a attacker support type character like Alani but Melee! :slight_smile: Anyone else feel the same way? More debuff characters?

Edited the title so it won’t be too confusing

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I like buffers, debuffers, controllers, healers and more. I like them all. More of everything please. More variety. More choices. More fun.


Variety is always fun! I’ve been in those situations just like you where you are getting chained CC left and right and it’s not much fun, lol. Especially if you are playing meltdown and have a Gally, Alani, Shayn, kelvin, boulder (list goes on) guarding it. Would be nice to have your debuff character waiting to help you out instead of offering yourself as a sacrifice so the enemy can be on cooldown for someone else to take out.

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A lot of people tend to think that debuffing characters are useless though. I remember when I was playing City of Heroes and I had a shadow based defender class and while the healing wasn’t as good as an empath type defender the debuffs were great. People would complain that I was useless and was not contributing anything to the team. I turned off all of my debuff AoE’s and stopped using my other debuffs and then watched as my team proceeded to wipe out again and again and again. I had been keeping them alive up against enemies they probably weren’t strong enough to be fighting against because my debuffs were keeping the enemies from connecting with their attacks and doing damage with those attacks. I was also allowing my team to do more damage against those enemies as well. Basically I was debuffing the enemies damage resistance as well as their accuracy. Needless to say the team started being nice to me and asked me to turn my abilities back on and starting assisting again.


Yea, sometimes when they are in the heat of battle your work goes un-noticed. Until that one moment when you aren’t there and that’s when the complaining starts.

I know when I go Reyna, sometimes the overshield may get unnoticed since it can fly right off of you when you are getting attacked but there is a lot of strat going into it too. The people that do notice always give compliments which is cool. Just hate that the debuff is lv 6 and huddle up is lv 10. Lol… those skills are so useful

We need a Minion master of sorts. I want an battleborn that summons things to his side or converts enemy npcs to friendly. Their Ult could be an instant revive. I love MMs in any game and find very few games that do them well. Maybe the character could summon the last minion that they killed with one of their skills, or they could have a pet summon. I thought Kid Ultra was going to be this kind of character with his drones, but I want something that will help attack, not just suicide bomb. Deande is close, but her decoy is much more of a distraction than a weapon.


While generally debuff characters are looked down upon by the masses despite being really good, I LOVE them, the only character I even try to act as a debuffer is reyna

I’m confused about what “debuff” means in the context of this discussion.

I think what RedX means is something that will clear enemy cc effects–like Reyna’s shield mutation that clears all cc from the target. I also played City of Heroes and in that game and some others debuff means something like a slow, damage resistance reduction, etc.

I’m wary of adding more of this. On one hand, yes you get a lot of stuns and it sucks to be chain stunned to death. On the other hand you have characters like Boldur that are almost impossible to kill without stunning them. So if more characters could clear cc effects, or do so more consistently, I could see certain characters just steamrolling through matches.


A debuffer does not only slow or stun, they have wounds, slow attackspeed/reload, make shield reload longer, make their damage output lower, silence, think hades from SMITE


They haven’t introduced any skills that slow a characters attack speed like they said they would yet, hopefully soon.

But both of you guys are correct… many characters can slow, wound (even though I really hate Deande & Phoebe’s wound)… but the most important one was the clearing of the CC like Reyna’s Theraputic Booster. Yea… boulder is the only BB that I can think of that it will benefit from… a clearing of CC but remember it’s just a skill w/ a cooldown. You can still kill boulder if you fully concentrate on him. The only thing in the game that can clear CC is CC gear or Reyna’s skill. Would be nice if there were more options just as there are plenty of options to pick characters that can CC

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Edit: base cc (bolas, shield throw) should be permanent

CC is such a short duration and most of the time not really all that clearly visable. It’s really only when it gets chained (multiple slows so you can’t get away) or you’re directly focused during (like montanna fire bullets after a dash) that it kills you. devoting an entire skill slot to something that would end up really only catching the tail end of CC’s making you slowed 1 second less, or only wounded 3 seconds instead of 5? that seems like a pretty big waste imo, especially when that could have been a skill that would heal your teammate enough to get out of that situation, or damage the enemy enough to fend them off of your teammate.

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What about a character that has a skill that changes debuffs into Buffs? For example “Skillname: Remove buffs from target ally and they get 10% attack damage (Plus 5% for each debuff removed) for 10 seconds” That way it could be used to buff allies while they are not affected and it would get better when removing multiple CCs.


Kinda like a buff stealer skill. That’s a really cool idea. Overshield, att boost, hp boost ~ I’ll take that.

@jedc750 Yea you are right… but sometimes that lil time is all you need to get away yourself & ofcourse it provides options and a nice tactic which is always good.

I dunno we don’t need anymore supports. Also it takes a pretty damn good reyna to actually make use of her cc cleanse.

If CC chains are a problem, does that not imply that CCs are unbalanced in one way or another?
Honest question, I am not sure about this.

Well… I’m guilty of CC chaining as well and its easy to do when the team is on the same page. I really like that aspect of the game how it takes communication and awareness to pull off so I wouldn’t really say its unbalanced. Just like what Jedc said though, there could be times when your teammate has to dive in to help and stuff but it would be nice if you didn’t really have to “dive” in or offer yourself as tribute to help rescue your teammate without having to put your neck in that close to the battle. Plus if your teammate is CC-ed and you jump in, most likely you will end up dying as well if you don’t have any type of CC move yourself to help out. I just see it as CC vs CC, don’t get me wrong though it does take skill to stun/silence someone right before they use a skill but it would be nice to see some other char with a Theraputic Booster type skill like what Reyna has.

Actually, I was re-thinking the whole CC-duration deal after playing Awesomenauts, and definitely after playing Battlerite.
Sure, one can argue that they do not compare, but in both games, having a stun above 1 second is very rare. In fact, overall, most CC effects are a lot shorter by comparison.

Of course, there are other factors into why it might work better there than in Battleborn. Skills have in general shorter cooldowns, there are more skills (only in Battlerite) and there are less players on each team.

Penny for everyone’s thoughts?

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I know nothing about battlerite, but my penny for your fox is that awesomenauts is amazing but has much lower TTK, and you have to be close to deal damage in non coco raelynn rocco fashion. This game you can shoot as long as you have line of sight. (Also my secondary mains in both games are both voiced by ashly burch, which I absolutely LOVE). It takes too long to deal damage in this game due to lack of actual burst unfortunately, so longer ccs seem to be a necessity compared to Awesomenauts where only tanks have a chance of avoiding multiple bursts safely. Also, is it unreasonable to ask for a mode where all cooldowns are halved? In both games? Actually, Battleborn should have a custom mode like awesomenauts, I’d love random character on death

That would be great actually :slight_smile: