Opinions needed!

So I recently got an AS dmg buff Seein’ Dead Class mod for Zane that also buffs splash damage weapons. I need opinions on best current splash damage weapons out there in the BL3 world!! Any advice is greatly appreciated. (I’m on M10 and have all 3 DLCs)

Seems perfect for a clone build that uses a shock Beacon from DLC3 or a Sandhawk from the base game.

Yes I’ve found both of those can shred, as well as shock backburners, light shows, and obviously the OPQ

If you haven’t already, check out this guide for some ideas:

For myself, anything I can shoot while being fast works for me: Scourge, Harold, Recursion (counts as splash), Boom Sickle, Plague Bearer, Craps, Kaoson, Complex Root, Sandhawk…hope that’s a good start