Opinions on Axton/Salvador return?

Ok, not $**!ing on Gearbox, but I think, unless I’ve missed something in the story, the reason our bois Axton and Salvador aren’t in the game is because of the whole “female power” thing. And I get it. Female representation isn’t a bad thing, and I still love Borderlands 3. Obviously Axton and Salvador are more of “leading role” male characters. It would be hard to hide them in a side-role like Zer0, Brick, Mordecai, etc. simply because of their personalities. But, what’re your opinions on their return? Or have you heard something I haven’t? I reeeally hope to see them in a DLC, and since they’re not in the base game, they should take a very much leading role in the DLC.

Why are you posting in BL2?

People who are still playing 2 are doing so because they haven’t bought 3 yet - so don’t necessarily know what you’re talking about.


Awww man…
I am really starting to get concerned about things like this:

And this

And this

I really hope that during all of this alleged political signaling the folks @gearbox actually produced a good game that all of the fans will enjoy instead of alienating half of them.

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Good point. My bad. I’ll repost on BL3.


If Gearbox does bring back Axton and Salvador, those two will be weak and helpless until a strong female character comes to save their rears. Yes, the new BL3 has a leftist feminist agenda. It’s just better they leave Axton and Salvador out of the picture entirely since it’s not going to end well for them.


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The keyword is alleged, and people who are upset tend to be louder than their even minimally satisfied counterparts. I, and more than a few other folks I interact with regularly, are satisfied even though we recognize that there are narrative shortcomings. Don’t let what you see prevent you from forming your own opinion when you get there, brother.

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Moved to spoilers in case they do appear in DLC or some such.

Gearbox has said, and MentalMars did an article on it, that they didn’t want to cram characters in just to have them there but they may appear in DLC.


I wouldn’t have mind at all if they chose to forgot Maya :grin:
It’s fortunate that Axton is safe, he’s so charismatic and cool :grin:


Thanks man. I regret letting these thoughts come to fruition in the forums. I usually think more critically about what I contribute here. I think I must have reached my quota of fringe ideological ridonkuli (yes it’s a word used here and here, which is good enough for me). I have never questioned the ideology of my team up until the last three years but God F**king Damnit I swear some of these trashcans are just “controlled opposition” planted by those who want the Orangetrumpanzee to be in there till 2025.

In addition to that, and despite my best intentions, I also let the BL3 hate train run me over. What’s hilarious is, I distinctly remembered the exact same vitriol against BL2 and I was like, “Your loss, I’m having a blast.” Fast forward 2 today and its undeniably a masterpiece, and I was willing to wait. I remember wanting to get my whife into playing coop when that patch finally came out in 10/17 and I said to my her, “It is TIME.” like I was Rafiki in Lion King.

Forgive me my lack of faith. I will play eventually. As all Children of the Vault will :video_game:

As long as they don’t kill off Axton, I’m cool with it. If they want to make another sacrifice to the Blood God, then leave him out of it.


Gaige and Krieg too. As a Gaige main I’d like to see what she’s up to now.

That didn’t happen to any of the male combatant characters, be it Zer0, Clay, Brick etc don’t see why it would happen to Ax and Sal. BL3 doesn’t even attempt to make any sort of political and social statement about men or anything, it just quantitatively speaking has the women in the main character positions…and somehow, that’s enough to be political?

This ‘leftist feminist agenda’ is just people getting upset the girls have a bigger role this time, without pausing to think of the vast majority of popular fiction where the reverse is the case and nobody complains about.


Sal isn’t in Bl3 cause he’d kill everything in 3 seconds. He’s the goat of Borderlands!


Zero was not the strongest character in BL2, Salvador was. Axton is the leader of the new vault hunters in BL2. Zero and Maya were pretty much foot soldiers. It would be a big statement to the feminist agenda if the strongest character in the history of BL also being a male would now become a helpless weakling that required the help of a female. Just look at the new Star Wars movies, Rey with only about a week of training beat the strongest character in the galaxy Luke Skywalker in a small duel, and in the upcoming movie she easily defeats the strongest Sith the Emperor. If that’s doesn’t say feminist agenda then I don’t know what else does.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with female characters out powering males, we’ve all seen it many time in past games were females are the leading roles and heroes. The interesting thing is that the female agenda wasn’t pushed in BL.BL2,BLPS like it was in BL3. And remember that BL is a game of war/guns/murder/knives/bombs/hand-to-hand combat/strangulation, and normally the vast (almost unanimous) majority of females really hate those things, go to a gun range and see how many males there are compared to females. The new Terminator movie is following the same female agenda and it bombed at the box office. Gears of War 5 is also following the feminist agenda and I don’t think that game will do well compared to the other Gears games.

When you take an existing product that is dominated by male characters and purchased by male customers, and turn it into a now female agenda product, that will cause problems in that product’s platform and it’s customers. Females don’t want males interfering in their own female products, do you think females would love to see the 50 Shades of Grey book/movie turned into a story of a bunch of hairy muscle bound football loving male roughnecks drinking beer screaming like maniacs shooting their machine guns at anything that moves? If a totally new product say a video game that is original and has an all female character line up with female characters, that’s totally fine and good. But chances are that game could have a much lower chance of success than a male lead game. The majority of gamers are males, sorry but girls have much better things to do. This is why nobody complains when male lead roles dominate popular fiction violent war games.

Tomb Raider was a great game and series, that’s because it’s an all new story with original characters and it worked very well. But if some male producer decides to make Laura Croft a now weakling that can’t defend herself and needs a man to protect her, that will upset everyone including the male customers. I sure as hell don’t want to see Laura Croft become some dependent weak character that needs daddy or her husband to rescue her.


Salvador isn’t a leading role. He’s a goon. A grunt. A musclebound dwarf stooge. But it’d be fun to hear about what sort of murder beach resort he’s been hanging out on.

Axton probably died consummating his turret love.


Indeed he was, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that Salvador was the strongest Vault Hunter that ever lived. Also I never said Salvador was the leader, I said Axton was, and any of the 4 available vault hunters in the beginning of the game can take the “leading role” if the player chooses. But when all 4 vault hunters are playing at the same time, it’s Axton that’s seen as the leader in the story.

I was replying to something in the OP. I just didn’t want to go back to the top for the direct reply. The OP inferred that Axton and Salvador weren’t brought back for this game because they’re “leading roles.” Salvador is most certainly not, and given that we’re talking about them as prospective NPCs it doesn’t matter what players might do with them.

The main reason Salvador didn’t return was because in the opening scene where Lilith lost her powers, Salvador would’ve jumped in, money-shot chained both of the Calypso Twins out of existence with his interfacer, and then rocket jumped off into the distance while laughing maniacally. Obviously they couldn’t have that for the sake of story so.

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I think the feminist agenda is definitely there, from the fact that all the truly strong characters are female and most of the male characters are mostly incompetent to a degree, right to the closing song / anthem. I think it would be a bit silly to deny it

But I can’t say it bothers me, though. I didn’t feel any kind of identity crisis playing Maya and so far I feel/hope my masculinity hasn’t taken a beating while leveling Amara. And BL3 is essentially about Sirens, who are but for an accident of birth almost exclusively female, so it’s logical that the main characters would be, too.

But I’d rather not have Axton or Salvador back, tbh. They belong in BL2 and this is a new game. I didn’t feel anything for Mordecai and Brick in this one and their inclusion felt pretty tokenist to me. And I wouldn’t want to go through all pearl clutching we had over Maya again should they kill one of them off, too! They should just move on with the story and look forwards, not backwards

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