Opinions on gear synergy; "Frozen Bloodletter"?

We all know of the Level 1 Stop Gap + Bloodletter trick, but what if we use a Level 1 Frozen Snowshoe instead? With your class mod and artifact both having +149 health per second, your shield will always recharge instantly after draining. That should mean that every time you slide, you will emit a Frozen Heart nova, correct?

Does the nova damage output scale with gear level?

Damage isn’t necessary in this equation, a Frozen Heart nova autofreezes anything it hits. Supposedly, snowshoe does the same.

I WONDER of TCP Would make it a bigger nova though :joy:

But also, yes. Nova damage is based on level.

It might be easier to get a Frozen Heart at a low level though, since snowshoe is a takedown drop?

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I didn’t know that. Yes TCP increases nova size. Pretty dramatically. Is frozen heart a world drop or only from Aurelia? Either way, it could be farmed using the lost loot trick.

FH only drops from Aurelia. I don’t know this Lost Loot Trick. But also, I don’t try for low level gear. So it’s just not something I cared to learn. But that could be really cool for the OP, to have constantly going off freeze novas with the chance for a big area.

Same, low level stuff is a bit too exploity for my taste. I found a double nova band of sitorak, that was pretty wild with TCP, but no frozen heart effect, obviously. OP will want one anointed with the IB nova annointment. That should trigger the frozen heart effect on entry and exit.

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The downside of this concept is that the only thing refilling your health is the +149 health regen. Any other healing will go exclusively your shields. :confused:

If someone can figure out a viable nova bear build with the Frozen Heart, I’m all ears.

Do enemies take more damage from splash while frozen like in BL:TPS

Only bonus to frozen enemies is 3x to melee; my only thoughts for that would be white elephant with a mindsweeper

I tried once frozen shoe (normal level) + bloodletter + facepuncher + knife drain, it kinda worked but I didn’t have the expertise necessary to improve it and did not really persist

If you enter a cooperation (instanced loot) game after a boss kill you see all items lvl1 for some reason, might be a “legit” way of obtaining one.

Icebreaker artifact, since the heart is almost always insta freeze that seems like a good way to use the artifact with her.
I’ve been tossing around alot if ideas for cryo Moze in my head over the past few days

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You don’t need an Ice Breaker to ensure that the nova freezes everything around you.

It would be awesome if Bear’s claws counted as a melee; couple that with a nova on entry/exit anoint…

The efficiency will really be a boost to a kyb’s and other weapons with good cryo efficiency if your build used them. It’s the extra damage to frozen targets you’re after, I’ve been wondering how it works with IB though

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Totally agree that it can be a game changed for high efficiency weapons.

I experimented with the cryo chain guns and an ice breaker a little, but you can’t really make a build around them since they don’t count as splash.

It’s pretty intense with a redistributor and a boon for Lucian’s Call for Fl4k. Once the level cap increases I’m going to try to get a max level frosty dander to see how well it works out, then Kyb’s worth and craps are two weapons I think will work good.

I started my first Moze over the weekend but from my experience with my friend, the knowledge from this forum and the luck to get two different legendaries and a deathless I’ve been able to familiarize myself with a few of her playstyles while leveling on m3.
Appearantly I can work her like Gauge.