Opponent not highlighting, gun not firing, lagging through own character model, and general lag

  1. My opponent isn’t highlighted in read the way he is supposed to be on sight
  2. I have no gun (was using rocket launcher)
  3. During the match there was extreme lag eg. pressure plates not going off and then 5 seconds later being teleported into the air where the pressure plate should have thrown me
  4. In addition to my gun being invisible about 3/4 of the time I fired the gun would not fire at all. This is taking into account reload speed. There were several spans of 3-5 seconds where the rocket launcher would not fire at all.

Gunman, for the sake of your NDA, please pull this pic down… then put it in a ticket for support.gearbox.com

Lol isn’t this a closed bug reporting thread???

not this time. they’re all public, just hidden. Anyone with a link can get on