Opponents lagging means my death?

Has anyone else experienced this?

I am playing and an opponent is having lag issues to the point where she teleports from spot to spot to try and keep up with the lagging player. Now that is annoying to say the least but in a few situations this example has happened to me.

I am attacking a lagging character in melee and their model runs into a wall or something on the battlefield and i keep hitting them to have them suddenly blink out like 20 ft away having taken no damage from my attacks and i have suddenly been killed by them like their attacks registered as hitting me when their connection catches up to the game.

Now this has only happened to me 2-3 times in my 40+ command levels but it is very frustrating. They should drop players that are having continual connection difficulties.

And you’re sure you’re not the one lagging?

I have the same problem, except I’m the one having internet troubles. By the time my latency catches up, I’m dead and I did no damage to person I was attacking.

I am on a team (using a microphone) with other players and they do not see me as lagging or have any problem with my connection with the chat program. When i pull up the character display in game it shows the opponent in question as having only one red bar for game connectivity. So i am like 99% percent sure it is not me.

I’ve seen this on Smite and LoL before. My friends and I like to call this the “Golden Lag”, basically where you lag enough that it messes with your opponents (IE them chasing your ‘shadow’ so to speak), but not enough to actually affect your game play. It does happen naturally, happened to me once when my little brother was downloading a game from Steam (without mentioning he was starting it) while I was in the middle of a match; but it can also be done manually, it’s referred as “artificial latency”, or lag hacking. Most simply call it lag switching, even though it’s slightly different from actual lag switching.

However, most people who do cheat using lag hacking, typically only do this when they are in engagements. The person in question, sounds like they were having this issue throughout the entire game. So chances are, they weren’t doing this intentionally.

You can hold select and see who’s connection is ****. Without fail every time I see a red/yellow connection that person has a ridiculous affinity for not getting shot. I put all 7 rounds of marquis rifle into a Montana like that who was standing still and only 3 registered.