Opposing Force/Blue Shift/Decay source files and lost files

I am not sure if this is the right place for this, and if not I apologize in advance. (specially since there are no categories for the hl expansions) Now to the matter at hand:

Opfor, bshift and decay were 3 great half life expansions. As a fan of these games, and in the name of all the fans of these games, I would like to humbly request if, someone at gearbox, could perhaps in their free time look if there are still copies of the following, and if possible release them to the community.

Lights.rad files for the 3 expansions or any values unique to those files.

The map sources for the 3 expansions.

And anything pertaining to the Cut missions from decay.

One, or even parts of one of these 3 will alone be of great help. Thank you for your time.

Not the right place.

Only a few people probably got these lost files these days, but im not certain.

You should ask in the Valve forums, or somewhere. You can’t really find that much help around the irrelevant Discussion page, and Gearbox never supports this page as far as i know.


Sorry, it took so long. Completely forgot about this.
I cannot ask valve because all they do is tell me to ask gearbox. They do not know anything about this subject, and if they do, they are not telling, but valve never reveals anything anyway.
So where should I ask then?