OPQ and Yellowcake. No reason for other guns

Seriously. I’m not calling for a nerf to these weapons, but the other legendaries in this game need a serious buff to even come close to competing with these two weapons.

Why have four slots for different kinds of weapons when literally all content is best played with two?

You’d think a shotgun is best for close range, right? Nope. OPQ System is better. What about that guy at far range? Certainly, a sniper rifle would be the best option? Nope. OPQ System is better.

Any Zane build? OPQ System and Yellowcake
Any Amara build? OPQ System and Yellowcake
Any Moze build? OPQ System and Yellowcake
Any Fl4k build? OPQ System and Yellowcake.

I’m not saying other guns can’t be useful for certain builds, but compared to these two guns, they’re basically the best in slot for almost every type of build there is.

Buff the other legendaries please. It would be nice if the rest of them even had a fraction of the power of these two.

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Bad thing about building everything around those two guns though is, not gonna be able to farm updates at next level increase.

I like a lot of the M6 weapons that are out and yes, most are way powerful. They should be. Dedicated drop rates are hideous and they are much harder to farm than the world drops.

Plus, GBX already has said they are balancing the underperforming weapons AND the over performing as well so things should end up a little more even.

I keep a yellowcake in inventory and usually have an OPQ equiped along with Kaoson and reflux or recursion or anarchy etc. They are part of my tools but not always the best for the job. At least in my opinion.

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Totally agree with OP.

I’m tired of getting excited by other guns dropping with some of the powerful new annointments only to shoot enemies and not be able to see their health bar decrease without a magnifying glass.

For example, this happened to me with Zane yesterday with a Sleeping Giant. It dropped with a whopping extra 200 damage… annointment, and it’s the gun that occasionally gets random buffs on reload. Sleeping Giant used to be one of my Zane’s most powerful weapons, so this new M10 one with extra powerful annointment should still be ok - maybe not best-in-class, but at least still somewhat viable, right? Nope. Not even close. Even when it reloaded with the extra firerate buff, where the entire magazine empties in under a second, I literally couldn’t see the enemy’s health bar move. Switch to OPQ and of course the guy’s dead a few bullets later.

There are the odd few guns here and there that are still ok or synergise well with certain builds, but the vast majority of pre-Cartel legendaries are now pointless.

Gearbox really screwed up on this one.


The fix is coming in less than 2 weeks. You’ll have a reason then


theres 1 more gun that is relevant, nopewpew LMAO

“Why have four slots for different kinds of weapons when literally all content is best played with two?”

Because of something called “fun”, and another thing called “variety” ? I agree on the fact that M10’s powercreep is absolutely disgusting and there needs to be weapon balance soon, but I don’t agree with the “if X and Y do better than the rest, why use the rest ?”.

Borderlands doesn’t have dps checks whatsoever, it’s not that kind of game and atm you can perfectly play M10 without these weapons and be just fine. I personnaly do love OPQ so I use it, but hated Yellowcake (COV stuff eeeew) the moment I touched it. Enjoyed Plaguebearer and Backburner waaaaay more (that thing is ridiculous on P3 Wotan and big hitbox bosses). And as for OPQ, you can perfectly rock a Monarch instead and be fine.

Monarch, Plaguebearer, Backburner, Reflux, Sand Hawk, Clairvoyance (was surprised to see how good it still was), Kaoson, Unseein’ Threat (still does wonders with overkill damage perk, even though it won’t replace Wedding Invitation in my heart), still prefer them over YellowKEK and sometimes even OPQ.

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Actually for fl4k where you’re using the critical damage stacking and ineffable knowledge artifact with fade away, I think using the monarch with all the extra bullets it shoots in bipod mode is the best. Especially if you have critical hits giving you back your action skill you get fade away back instantly. The monarch is the best hands down for me as fl4k.

I rarely used yellowcake, it is like nirfleeting in bl2.

Couldn’t agree more. I for one try to make a different build for each of the four Vault Hunters with drastically different playstyles that I can personally enjoy. As a result, I only intend to use a single Cartel exclusive legendary. That being an OPQ with 300/90 annoint on Zane specially for boss shield phases.

The new annointments on the other hand have opened up many new build possibilities. AS shield break/fill annoint on a Stop-Gap allows me to finally get around my survivability issues with a Rakk Fl4k build. My Amara focused around piling multiple elements onto enemies really benefits from the 50/150 radiation annoint and a Deathless. Kaosons of each element plus elemental crit annoint is perfect way to for me to ignore Iron Bear while also taking full advantage of Demolition Women tree. Finally, the amp shield annoint is good for my Zane with AS up-time too long for taking much advantage of ASE effects.

Yeah currently leveling Amara and I have a lower level OPQ and Yellowcake that just melt everything. They’re probably 5-10 levels lower than where I am and still eat everything. I try other legendaries and they just don’t really work that well in comparison. There’s no point in any other weapon, kinda silly. If it’s going to be fixed soon, that’s cool, I hope so.

Playing Amara and trying to avoid those weapons. It is definitely possible to use other guns, but there is a gap that should not be there. I think it was ThiccFilA who suggested a “nerf” in the sense that the OP weapons should be scaled down but the top Mayhem levels should be too. As in, reduce the damage of Yellowcake/OPQ/Sand Hawk but also reduce the health of M10 enemies accordingly.

In a way that in the end they’re not less powerful but the gap between those and “normal” weapons is closed. At least to some extent.

That is the best and easiest way to go really. Without raising the damage of a hundred legendaries (and what about the purples?) much could be fixed by just scaling down M10 enemy health and a few OP guns along with that.


These are weapons that are meant for end game, not leveling. There are plenty of weapons (both legendary and lower) that will more than suffice for leveling.

I understand your point but if you don’t want to use the guns…


it’s a choice…no one is forcing you.

Are they “better”?? Yes
Can you succeed without them? Yes
Can I complete a Takedown at M10 without them? Yes

I can use an M10 Boom Sickle, Kybs, Hellshock and Ion Cannon and complete an M10 takedown just fine.

Can I do it as fast as with Kaoson, OPQ and Yellowcake? NO…but fast enough.

The game is about choices and sure it’s fun to min/max…but it’s also fun to redo your build and weaponryt for different challenges.

I ABSOLUTELY get your point and agree that some re balancing needs to happen. But the situation certainly isn’t as dire as many perceive.

My Fav combo right now is a Boom Sickle for close, Sandhawk for long and a Kaoson at Mid with an x2 Ion Cannon for FFYL and a big punch on groups. Only one of these is a Cartel gun.

Yellowcake is like the Norfleet…and I hope to HELL GB leaves it ENTIRELY alone. Great gun to farm with…Great gun to run a map and just let off steam…great gun for non serious play. We forget that a LOT of players just LOVE an OP gun like the Yellowcake.

If we want serious play…use something else.


Its like the existence of mankind on earth, in the scheme of things our industrial age happened in what was akin to a flash and then it was gone.

We had some blatant overpowered weapons for a short time. When all is said and done people won’t even remember the yellowcake.

Chill, enjoy good things while they last.

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Understatement of the Year :+1:

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Right, I get what everyone is saying.
Here’s the problem:

Shotguns are designed for close range. Sniper rifles are designed for long range. That cannot be argued.

The fact the a mid range (assault rifle) weapon performs better at close range than shotguns, and better at long range than sniper rifles, is absolutely absurd


This quote made me think of The Last Word hand cannon from Destiny. It was the best close range, mid-range, & long range weapon for quite some time! LoL

Nah, kaoson :v

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Dude, are you…doing this with everyone or just with me? Are you kind of…obsessed? o.o