OPQ drop rates at M10

Hello people!

I have been farming M10 at the cartel event hoping to get some good upgrades.

Nope nth not a single M10 OPQ, from Franco or Josie after days of farming, maybe I kill too slowly , I am not even sure if I can land myself a sweet OPQ with the 300/90 appointment before the cartel event ends.

Would any like to help me with loot farming?

Thanks much.

Drop rates for the OPQ System are terrible. I haven’t gotten one since week one. All that I seem to get for Cartel items are Wattson shields and Fish Slap grenades.

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I got three today in single Joey fight :slight_smile:


RNG is RNG. I’ve never had a problem getting an OPQ. Getting one with a good anointment can be tough, as with all weapons.


^Pretty much…

If you want a better chance at gear, find 3 other folks to play with…that’s 4 chances on Cooperation.


it’s gonna get nerfed after the phase 1 patch anyway

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A good M10 OPQ with the 300/90 annoint is the last thing I need before the event ends.


Its ok my child, Rngesus is a fickle lord but always gives salvation to the most devote followers. Carry on the path and resist the temptations of lootcifer and there will be peace when you are done.


Well I used my M1 version in M10 until I dropped a grown up version and it was fine so even after the “Adjustment” I suspect it won’t be trash. :wink:


drop rate is good , quality of loot are trash . still not realistic to farm the best one

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What platform are you on? I play on PS4 and I got one with 150% bonus radiation damage anointment and 7200x2 damage. If you’re on PS4 too let me know your gamertag and I’ll add you and send you one

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Yeah i farmed M9 a few days got 1 or 2 OPQ. but the damage range is really weird is like just 5.1K X 2
and the other is just 6K X 2.

I wonder how did others get the 9K X 2 variant? at M10? that great of a jump?

Thanks much for the offer, i am on PC. damm they should allow cross play between platforms.


I can give you a m10 opq. Just add me on Epic and I’ll send it over.

Do you need a YellowCake and Kaoson too? Got a bunch.

im not sure , but mine has 8.3k x2 with ase 75 another with 150 rad

You still helping out with m10 opq and yellowcake?


Sure … I have some to spare.

What platform are you playing on?

Im on pc. My handle is under my name