OPQ off the table?

I think I’m correct, but wanted to see if anyone had a different experience.

I assume, now that the Cartel event is over and Joey’s mansion, Josey Byte and Franco Firewall are out of bounds, that the OPQ is no longer available.
I don’t think they’ve made it into the world drop pool, though I could be wrong.
I have a M-8 one and was farming for an M-9 one when the event ended. Not too much difference, but I wanted it.


You are correct. OP Q is a Cartel only drop.
Same as Grease Trap, Iceburger, Yellowcake, Needle Gun, NoPewPew, Firewall Shield, Fish Slap Grenade.
Those items only available from the Cartel and not in the World drop pool.

Only hope now is try to trade for one.



If you are on PC, I can give you a M10 OPQ.

i can give you an m10 in PS4 if you need it.

yea OPQ is no more. The gun is great though, try and see if you can grab one from someone on the same platform as you. (not sure if you can send cross platform right now…)

Thanks @ tuck7216 and @ nat_zero_six for the offers. I’ll just use my M-8.