OPQ System +200% on action skill not working

In testing with Fl4k, a lvl 57 O.P.Q. System w/ this anoint is giving me:

23k w/o action skill up (using gamma burst)
26k w/ action skill up

That’s just base damage. Not accounting adds.

The same skill package with say, The Iceburger and +200% anount, is giving expected results, with 11k w/o action skill, and 28k with action skill.

Not perfect, but much more on par with expectations.

For comparison, I am taking down all critters far faster with a lvl 51 OPQ which has “While under 50% health, get 150% bonus radiation damage”.

This is what made me look deeper. A lvl 51 clearly outpacing a lvl 57 with much higher base damage and an expected 50% more damage from anointing.

Hope a dev can see this and correct. Will hold onto my weapon for now…

Anyone else have similar issue?


I had heard the +200 anoint was only working if you had the weapon selected when starting a skill and the bonus dropped if you swapped. I’ll test when I get back to Sanctuary.


Just checked and working as intended.
And yes, keep in mind that this is bugged and is active only on gun you are holding during skill activation.
Also you can’t compare just raw bonuses and expect 200% will be better. The Rad 150% is superior in pretty much every situation.


Because of bonuses dr already its really only about 100% weapon damage.

It doesnt work if u swap weapons or if u dont have it out when then skills activated

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Thanks everyone for the update. I didn’t know there was a bug when switching weapons.

I really appreciate your time. Will make far better use of this now.

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You expected new stuff to work perfectly. You are beta testing for the next dlc didn’t you know?


All of the While Action Skill Active (ASA) anoints work similarly. Though the nova-burst anoint has the added benefit of proccing on ASE, even if you switch to it after your Action Skill started or swapped during.

I tested this on Zane with his barrier and Drone. It’s not great, and I don’t know if GBX considers the swap-issue a bug or not. But at least with the burst you can get one least bit of damage on ASE.

If this is true, then they’re all broken. The anoint clearly says “While Action Skill Active” so as long as it’s still active and the weapon has that anoint, it should give the stated effect.


I know, it was very disappointing to find that out. However, my friend says that he still sees more damage from his OPQ with that anoint than his higher DPS version with a different anoint. I think he’s crazy, but he’s also running the classic CCC build, whereas I was running half-life 150% rad (which I found out doesn’t work with CCC).

So I’m wondering if CCC proccing the refresh of his skills is allowing him to get the full bonus of the anoint. I’d have to reconstruct my build and I’m not sure how to even test that clearly, or how exactly CCC works. But he’s happy with his OPQ, so I guess it’s working for him regardless.

yes they need to fix thr anoint.