OPQ-System Farm Inquiry

Hey there,

Anyone know how to farm this OPQ since Cartels event is gone? Aren’t the yellowcake and OPQ in regular rotation?


They are unobtainable right now. You’ll be able to farm it next year.


Try the trading sub-forums. I’m sure there will be one for trade on your platform.

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@lycandemon90 I’ll be glad to send you a decent one if you’re on Xbox. Just give me your GT.


@lycandemon90 and if you’re on PS4. I can help you out. Just let me know what your PSN is.

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@tysonyar If you have an extra Xbox one I’d gladly trade something for it as I just got back in the game… don’t think I have anything of real value though

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You can friend me and I will be glad to send you a level 57 one. Obviously I don’t have anything higher than 57.

My GT is: Los Serpientes

Sent it. It’s sergeantgout (an inside joke with one of my friends) got a couple of M10 things you may like