OPs are nice and all, but the main Story still needs some love

Heliophage needs more loot chances. Seriously, right now people will only play it if they need to clear it or get Rendains Legendary.

Best would be if the Bosses would get their loot pool so it already feels rewarding when you destroy one of them.

Second the challenges in the main story are still pretty uncool… because they give sometimes missions that won’t be doable because of an Lack of said enemy Type (The Experiment in particular, most of the time the 3rd Defense Point location will trigger a “Kill 20 Minions / 6 Boom Bot challenge but either the Time runs out before they spawn or they spawn Thralls”.) or because you have too open chests / destroy Barrels / collect shards although you already got them before the challenge appears (with the chests often in the Archive on the way back, on the first run through often even Chronicle or enemies open them while fighting).

I would love these to things to be fixed, cause if the the future OPs won’t make it possible to unlock the boss drops from the main game I still need to play those.

If however there is already one OP planned which would be kind of like the Boss rush in the Heliophage, that would be an good compensation.

I mean, I’d prefer the Story to be more worthwile, but if I can get the gear I still need (or want an Max Roll) from the future OPs I’d take that one gladly.


I down expect much of (if) anything. I would prefer that each time you play Heliophage though, one member of each pair of bosses would have the loot pool, because I feel like all of them would be too much

Didn’t they just amp up the drop rate? I got 2 legendaries in my only story run last night. Never happened to me before

Heliophage is a love/hate relationship, it needs a lot of work to finish but thats why it feels rewarding.

Challenges should totally be reworked!! Kill 20 barelsis in 10 seconds ( because they didnt spasn fast enough) to be rewarded with 25 credits is a slap in your face. 90% of the time i dont even try!! The reward dosent worth the estress.

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The rewarding system of OP is near perfection. The story missions now is just to level chars and get some gear. If they rework the rewarding system of the story mode, it will be a dream.

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After playing the OP a lot, Advanced doesn’t feel as harsh as it used to. Still not easy, but if you can deal with Aria at 100 OPs, you should be fine with szory challenges.

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The problem I have with challenges in missions isn’t necessarily that some are ridiculous, like killing 40 Varelsi at the second defense point of The Saboteur or killing x amount of enemies when less than that amount actually spawn within the time limit, but that they award next to nothing. Most of the time they award 25 credits which is barely worth sneezing at, rarely they’ll award a common loot pack which is only better than 25 credits because you can sell the gear inside the pack and maybe make 30 credits. If the reward was greater, 250-500 credits or an epic loot pack, I’d actually try to complete them every time.


Currently you can walk out of AatTR with more loot than the Heliophage. Honestly, I’d just say give all the returning bosses in the Heliophage their regular loot pool from their usual fights, maybe just with lower drop chances to compensate for Rendain’a big lootsplosion. The Heliophage is hardly ever played, why not turn it into a big rewarding raid to give folks some reason to return to it?

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It happens one out of 1000 times or so that you do get an epic loot pack, I got in the time I played the game 2.

The worst thing about this is I got one during co-op and my friend only got credits. If its doable, I do it since when you do get the Epic Loot pack it is really nice.

Well I wouldn’t call it lootsplosion… if he dropped 4 or more Gears, then we can call it that, but right now Geoff is still the King of the loot.


I say “Lootsplosion” more for the visual effect of it; Rendain goes off like a firecracker and spills his drops rather than just kind of melting into the floor and leaving them behind.

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Yeah for what he does its really a lot of drama :smile:

Geoff at least has an Explosion with a real BAYEM and. then seems to be generous about gear… up to 4 is common stuff with him. Thats what I like to see from Bosses. The others should learn from the Generous Geoff.

Or does he drop more Since he has a personality malfunction? Actually being Geoff but telling everyone to be Arachnis. If that causes the extra loot we need more Bosses with broken minds. :joy:

Whatever the devs do… if they make it so that Geoffs drop less because its “too much” I gotta say… Its never enough.

This game needs a real lootsplosion like the One when you beat the Dragons in the Tiny Tina DLC.

I want great chances at Epic gear, but the Randomness makes it so that instead of getting new ones I keep getting copies.

They’ve proven that you do get the loot pack, it’s just not shown and automatically opened up for you

Perfect! The rewards for completing the hell that is heliophage is the most meaningless thing I’ve ever seen. The AatTR that is much easier and short reward more. Total nonsense!

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I am sure I got one and my friend only got 25 credits, because of Splitscreen playing.

Also he had no Packs before and after the level, so randomising amongst the People after the chsllenge is cleared… I feel if you have a Team of 3 People, everybody should get a Pack, if anyone does get a Pack at all.

From want I’ve heard you don’t get the pack, you just get the gear automatically added and it’s not shown in the results

Uncommon Packs are pretty common, Rare Packs are Seldom and Epic Packs are most likely like a myth.

The Packs get added, but most of the Time clearing challenges is simply not worth it.

You get packs from challenges, they are not opened immedialtely. There are epic packs too (I got it once), but yeah, closer to myth.

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