OPs score badges not fixed with the update?

Wasn’t this supposed to be fixed? (Scores for Ernest)

? :open_mouth:

Actually I have them for career, they aren’t showing for Characters:

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Oh, true! I didn’t notice.

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Yep, still exists, even on the main career page.

Did you replay the OPS after the update?

Man, you’d really wish when you fix something it was fixed all the way and not kind of. My condolences to the coders of battleborn.

Actually, no, I played Toby DLC just right before the patch arrived. Gonna do a run and see if it helps.

Funny. Replayed the mission with Phoebe and got a Gold medal. So it’s fixed.

But. On the character screen, it’s still a big round nothing.

Yay, for consistency!

…Right, the main score is fixed but character scores aren’t.

I posted a thread about that bug day 1, but it seems to have got lost in all the enthusiasm for the update and new story ops. I should probably file a proper ticket with support…

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