Optimising Pressure

What’s the best way to reduce Axton’s health to as low as possible at level 72 to take advantage of pressure’s reload buffs for chuck Axton? I know people use the Hoplite at OP8 but I have seen lots of people using shield’s without health penalties at level 72 who have just 1 hp (specifically looking at Hyperius speed kills on Youtube). Probably a super obvious answer; I have tried shooting myself but I always die!

They’ve probably equipped a Hoplite to get the health down, and then switched to something else. The health bar will stay at 1 unless you have some sort of health regen.

Don’t spec Preparatrion or Able

Don’t use Moxxi or Transfusions or Leeches

Don’t use a Pointman Com

Don’t use an Evo or Neo Shield

Swap to a High level Hoplite that will reduce your health to 1

Switch back to any shield and since you don’t have any Health rejuvenation going on… your health will stay at 1 giving you MAXIMUM benefit of Pressure.

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I guess with willing and a low recharge delay blockade you could be okay. You would also need quick charge and forbodence to keep your shield up and dot effects down. This sounds kinda fun I’ll give it a shot eventually

Cheers guys, all makes sense. I was hoping there was a way to do it without an OP8 Hoplite as I haven’t managed to make it past OP2 yet. Oh well back to the peak I guess…

Any Hoplite with enough neagtive health should be able to do it.

An OP4 or above Hoplite should be able to I believe…

You are close…

This build sounds fun to me. Put on a hoplite get down to low health than put a blockade with a low recharge delay on with quick charge and forbodnce. And chuck tediores like a mad man lol.