Optimism and nova shields

Hey guys, right now I’m running Jack build going down the greater good tree.
I picked up accountability…kinda sucks, but that’s besides the point here.

I have the skill on the hero tree they allows my digi jacks to have a copy of my shIeld. Its been working great…putting a hard hitting NOVA shield has been wrecking. But when I picked up the optimism skill I expected a corrosive NOVA blast upon death as well as an explosion from optimism. Instead, I got no NOVA shield Proc and the " explosion" was just a purple dissingration. Wtf…am I missing something here. Does optimism replace my nova shield?

Technically if I had a corrosive NOVA shield and optimism , upon death of digital jacks I should be seeing corrosive and explosive damage right?

I don’t think novas from your shield activate upon Digi-Jacks dying from teleporting whereas Optimism will. The shield actually has to be reduced to 0 to trigger the nova and recharge to full to be active again. So you wouldn’t necessarily see two novas unless an enemy reduced your Digi-Jack’s shield to zero (triggering shield nova) and then killed them (triggering Optimism).

UNLESS you share a Deadly Bloom shield with the digijacks. That one does a nova on health deplete, too. Or so I think.

I’ve been running that kind of build for a while, and the shield+Optimism nova both go off when moving away from them to make them respawn. However, if you’re testing it by activating then cancelling your action skill, the shield nova won’t go off.

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FWIW, I prefer the Avalanche with the digiJacks and YHMS. They rock that shield. Cryo spike, cryo nova, AND roid bonus (they DO like to melee)?! Yeah. I’m down.

Also, it seems that they’re stuck with whatever shield they have when you first call them up. Change your shield, theirs stay the same. Like the old Gaige trick with Sharing is Caring (???). Don the Avalanche, summon digiJacks, then change up to whatever other shield you prefer to use. The digiJacks will remain frosty and badass, and you’ll have frozen enemies to crit the living daylights out of.

It’s almost unfair. Almost…