Optimism Issues

So I’ve been noticing this for a little while now. Jack’s Optimism skill seems to drastically spike in damage every so often. I’m not sure what exactly causes it, and haven’t been able to get it to happen consistently.

I have 2 screenshots from the same fight with Despair and Self-Loathing in The Subconscious.
Normal Optimism damage (a little hard to see on this one, but it’s 780k)
Spike Optimism damage
This is with 5/5 Optimism.

Has anyone else noticed this, or have any idea what could be causing it? I’ve had it happen to regular mobs, badasses, etc, so it’s not just an issue with this fight.

Post your build + gear please

Right, sorry. Knew I was forgetting something
As for gear, I have an Avalanche shield, a Longbow Quasar grenade, Indistinguishable Projection COM (+5 Absolute Advantage, +4 Company Man, +4 Best Foot Forward) and an 3DD1.E Oz kit.

I didn’t use any guns for the fight, but if that helps, I had a T4s-R, Bullpup, Mining Laser, and a Glitch Quad.

Bumping this since it was so far down the list, and it never really got any responses (if this is against the rules, I apologize, took a quick look through them and didn’t see anything about bumping/necroing).

I just tested it again, and it still works. If we could somehow figure out what’s making it work, and get it to do it consistently, it could make Optimism an amazing skill for Suicide Jack builds, instead of a 1-point-wonder to help kill off your Jacks faster.

what rarity is your indistinguishable projection class mod?

Purple, hence the 5/4/4

Is cryo the cause?

It looks like your boss shook off cryo in the first and didn’t in the second. The cryo buff is pretty darn big (I think its likt +300 or something percent), and that kind of spike can explain the drastic damage increase.

I can assure you the cryo was still in effect at the time of the first screenshot. Besides, if cryo was the only culprit, it would only go from 780k up to 2,340k. Nowhere near the 41,015k I got.

Just did another test, this time without a cryo nova shield, but everything the same otherwise, and it resulted in only 208k

I bet it is roid damage boost, cuz roid does work on digimissile barrage. Not sure about regular shots, but i saw some crazy numbers out of barrage, like 17 mil. So apperantly it also work with Optimism, but it seems to be inconsistant. It doesnt work if digijack despawns out of distance or dies of age without his shield being depleeted. I meneged to make it work on Iwajira by placing digijacks to his feet. When he stomped on a digijack it broke his shield and made his Optimism nova deal insane damage, but im not sure if it will work if digijack gets oneshoted thru shield to death or if it needs to first depleet the shield and only after die to make optimist nova count the roid damage.

It is the roid. Without my Avalanche down, my Jackasses did 408k damage. They did 12mil when the avalanche went down. That was with the laser, but I took optimism and saw some ridiculous numbers wbefore the shield recharged, so I assume that is roid damage as well.

Surprisingly enough, roid shields seem to work the best for Jackass pet builds because of that damage spike.