Optimum mayhem level for leveling?

Just curious if anyone has worked out an optimum mayhem level for leveling a new character. Leveling up Zane for the first time and ignored all side missions. Completed story and was only like 35 so I have a long way to max level. Decided to turn on mayhem and just work on side missions in story mode to level with maybe some arenas thrown in to mix it up.

However, I’m trying to determine what is the right balance between the XP boost of added mayhem levels vs. the added XP gain of finishing missions faster by killing faster. I through it on M8 initially but that was way too high. My gear couldn’t support that level of stat bloat so it was not efficient.

Moved down to M4 and that is very doable but with my mismatched and sometimes under leveled gear I’m not sure it’s as efficient as a lower mayhem that I could plow through faster. Anyone else experimented or tested this for XP gain efficiency?

without anointed gear and legendaries mayhem 2

otherwise mayhem 8

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Mayhem 2 is what I use, as that’s also pretty much my ‘fun’ zone. If you’re still levelling and looking to get SDUs, take Lootsplosion for the easy modifier.

I actually timed my leveling of Zane to coincide with the latest “Great Bank Purge” of level 60. Rolled up my Zane. Skipped to level 13 on Sanctuary. Cleared out most of my old pre-60 gear and sold it on my new Zane and use the proceeds to update SDUs. :smiley_cat:

I’m currently on M3 and like half the time it’s fine and half the time it’s a bit rough so I may bump it down to M2 as I think M3 is not very efficient for leveling and the XP boost between M2 and M3 is probably not worth the extra time.

I just popped my second local account onto the bottom of split-screen, and rolled MM10 bosses from 13 to 60.