Option to mute FL4KS pets?

Hi guys. Thanks for all you do for us. Can we please get a mute option for FL4KS pets or even just a longer sound loop for pet noises? I love the Jabber but I would like to silence him. Thanks.


I’d pay good Eridium to shut Noodles up. He makes so much noise.

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I agree, I cannot stand that noise. And he still shoves me around. I’m not sure who I shoot in the face more, my jabber or Ava

I’d prefer an option to dismiss pets entirely. There’s no reason to have them there when you are pottering around Sanctuary.

Also they love stand right in front of the lost loot machine - almost every time without fail.

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Yes, a “sit and stay” command would be nice as well. Like how it prompts you to “pet”. Itd be nice to have 1. Pet 2. Stay 3. Quiet 4. Maybe a kind of “put the pet away” kind of function. Or something like that.

The jabber sound is so annoying, at times I miss the sound-bug that would cut out entire channels of sound (giving me the feeling of those war movies where the sound is faint/muted, but you know it’s utter chaos).

So issues that need to be addressed (most experienced with the Jabber)

  • Pet needs to be silent. Alerting us to chests is fine, but, it needs to shut up once we open the chest, and absolutely needs to shut up when on Sanctuary. I would have put my jabber out of the airlock, along with the Kevins, if I could. Even better, just have the pet disappear or quietly sit next to the fast travel when on Sanctuary. I don’t need him screeching in my ear every second I’m on the ship (or anywhere else).
  • Pet still shoves or blocks me from time to time. Just make them intangible to us.
  • Pet blocks loot from being picked up or viewed. Pet needs to move out of our way or again, be intangible / ghostly, so we can see and interact with the look.
  • Pet needs a mute option. Seriously, this can’t be stressed enough.
  • Pet needs a heel/recall option. I don’t need him wandering off to die in some corner of the map when he should be at my side.
  • I’d love the option to be able to equip him with guns from my inventory (along with a shield).
  • Speaking of, he’s still very squishy. This is in part to his suicidal behavior and tendency to wander off. Plus I imagine the local fauna gets tired of his screeching as well.
  • And finally, we need a way to control the volume of our pets. For my sanity.