Option to respawn if stuck

There are a few places in some episodes where it is possible to get completely stuck as a result of falling or being smacked into something by an enemy. For example, it is possible in The Saboteur, just after you make the stairs appear and do the fight before entering the doors to the final defend sequence, to fall between the platforms and get stuck in a specific spot, rather than fall right through to your death or the area below where you went to unlock the stairs. You cannot jump out, wiggle out, etc. You are hopelessly stuck, unless maybe you have a hero with a movement ability like Mellka. This happened to me as Galilea and after spending five minutes trying to wriggle free, I just quit and rejoined.

I propose that it be possible, maybe limited once per mission per player, to teleport back to the current respawn area after a 10 second channel at no cost to your lives (to prevent people griefing, though it is not like they cannot intentionally die, anyway). This avoids the other solution that wastes far more time, which is to quit the mission then rejoin, which tends to take close to two minutes in total. Also, with a 10 second channel, I cannot see it being used to cheat your way out of bad spots since you would presumably be interrupted if under attack.


That would’ve solved…

…a lot of…


They could bind it to “b” for PC and maybe down on the d-pad for consoles…

Well, on consoles “down” is bound to the mini-map in campaign (which is of marginal use, does anyone use this a lot?), but I was thinking it could just be an option in the menu, where you would find “Quit” and other options. Just add “I’m Stuck, Respawn!” or something and that should work fine. It does not need to be convenient or quick so burying it in a menu should work.

Really, a fair number of MMOs do this exact thing, where they realize that, try as they might, developers are not perfect and the world will have spots you can get stuck in. So you can normally type “/stuck” or find a stuck option in the menu, or just use the game’s version of a hearthstone.

Has anyone ever needed to use that map in campaign?

Great idea

I’ve gotten stuck a lot lately as Alani, we flies thru the air like a kite when she gets knockback.
Just now the last battle in Sabo, she got knocked inside of the rear central column, next to the area where the escape door opens. Couldn’t get out, team had to finish it.

A Boldur player got stuck in that same place. Some players can fall through, but others just have hitboxes that are big enough to fall IN but not to fall OUT of that place, because of the shape. He logged out and back in and that was it. But a ‘/unstuck’ command would have been very, very helpful.

I use The Algorithm to test player size each time.
The first drop in level after then initial runway, those steps that have a chest behind them, try to enter.

I agree as well. I got stuck in the void. Everone else telepoted back out, but i was still there.

For the development team. I was Melka and did a claw lunge right before we were supposed to go back to the main boss battle. Sorry no screenshots. To busy trying to get back to help my team.

Here’s one of me stuck inside the Gunhulk on Helio:

I’d be cool with this. I’d add it to the pause/start/Esc menu.

yes please

I have gotten stuck in the maps in the campaign. I do not want a re-spawn option. I do not want to get stuck in the maps in the first place. This problem should not be in a finished game. Neither should the broken AI.

yes for the love of god need to be able to respawn if you get stuck keeps happening. how bout the five minute inactivity warning gives you the option to spawn at the nearest respawn point.