Option to shut Balex up

Once installed. Need a quiet ship.



We are in the minority. Most people really like him.


Yeah, I don’t get it. I think the lines are solid writing, but the delivery is garbage tier acting.


ICE-T is awesome. The writing for BALEX was ‘fine’. Shush.


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Don’t get me wrong I like Ice-T and the stuff he has done…I am still a huge fan of Body Count.

I wouldn’t exactly mute or turn him off. I feel like the scripted lines are just not varied enough. I keep hearing him say the same 3 or 4 lines every time I go back to Sanctuary so it has gotten very old really fast. He needs to have more like 20 lines that vary and play only once every other time you visit Sanctuary.

would love to see an option to disable his speech, it’s pointless. and honestly he just keeps repeating the same stuff over again.


He gets on my nerves as well, half the time he just sounds unpleasant.
I’ve no particular fondness for Ice-T either so there’s no redeeming feature there.

Can’t we get him replaced with Maurice? That voice acting is awesome, the only thing about BH I enjoy.
To quote the Irishman-in-residence: “None of that made a single lick of rational sense. I like you!”


How about…we replace him with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh-W8QDVA9s

That would bring laughter and happiness to the whole crew :grin:

Really doesn’t bother me, thought he should only speak about quest-related stuff we’re doing. That wouldn’t make him repetitive.

He’s Ice-T and he was in Rick and Morty so that makes him automatically cool. What annoys me is the same thing over and over again our god queen is dead blah blah blah. It’s the same thing every 5 seconds. Uggghhh. God’s don’t die dumbasses

why would anyone want this… this is a thread that proves gearbox can not win

i want him to call me ■■■■■■ animal every time i board on the ship!


You’re spending too much time in Sanctuary III. Whimsy and murder, go get yourself some. :acmaffirmative:


I wonder will they bring Ice-T back for the next game or replace him with Kanye? #scoopdidiwoop

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My vote is for Snoopdogg. Dawg it up!

We need such character for the arenas.

got to say i like him as a ch.He feels like he would have fit right in with bl2 chs.It was good how the wrighting team did his lines with not caring about other feelings or offending someone i wish more of the chs would have been like this really.Its why i loved claptrap and jack so much in bl2 with there sarcastic humor and dissing the player all the time lol.

They should have him do a podcast and upload clips each week.

I’d rather have the option to shut my jabber up. It’s so annoying, but also the most combat effective pet. But the constant screaming is driving me crazy.

Handsome Jack:
“Hey, how y’doing? (God, these pretzels suck!) So, how’s your day been, buddy? We haven’t really talked much since I left you for dead. Hey, you think you’ll freeze to death out there? Nah, probably not. The bandits’ll get you first.”

“Oh come ON! What’s wrong with that statue? I’m holding the Vault Key and a BABY. You know what babies are, right? Those little soft pink things your kind eats after you’re done rolling around in your own feces? Ring a bell?”


Is it me or do we have a winner?
I don’t think anyone ever played this franchise for the writing, but come on…

In the Tina DLC GBX themselves riffed briefly on the community’s opinion that the constant hammering on doors in the original Sanctuary was annoying as heck.
I’ve mentioned Warframe in the past since the current event could have been copy-pasted from that game so I’ll mention it again - specifically that annoying and repetitive transmissions have a volume slider or can be toggled off altogether.
Where’s the harm?

Balex is far less annoying than Typhon and Vaughn

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nah nah nah, Balex is tight.

only thing that bugs me is when you talk to him after finishing his quest line he repeats the line about “i shoved her ass in a hard drive and ejected the b**ch”

NavigATED b**ches