Optional modifiers/character buffs/weapon buffs

Optional modifiers: The Community and even some of the higher up streamers would love to turn modifiers off. I’ve got an idea that I would love to see implemented because it’s fair imo. Right now in game on Mayhem 10, the drop rates are +2500%. Now raise those drop rates to +3000% but only with the modifiers on and when they’re off drop it to +2500%. This is the most balanced way I can see turning them off and yet they remain relevant.

Character buffs: I personally believe that Fl4k, when compared to the others, is really squishy. An argument I heard against giving him survivability buffs was “he’s got too much damage to have better survivability”, but if you look at Same, Amara and Moze they’ve all got really good damage and lifesteal (depending on how you look at it). Now I’m not saying their overpowered I’m mainly saying Fl4k is a little underwhelming. Every other character is in a really really really good spot I just think Fl4k needs a little bit of love.

Weapon buffs: there are 350+ Legendaries in the game not counting uniques and not enough of them are useable at end game, yet they all drop like crazy. Jakobs weapons are in some serious need of help, not all there are a few that are just fine how they are but a Vladof pistol shouldn’t have more damage than a Jakobs pistol, DPS maybe but raw base damage no. Dahl weapons (minus Sandhawk) are for the most part useless, and so are most Atlas weapons. When talking about these manufacturers I’m talking the Legendaries and Uniques and less about the manufacturer as a whole.

Feel free to agree or disagree with anything here, most of it’s opinion based so feel free to add to anything or give me counter arguments, either way, I just want to see gearbox listening to their community more and more. They’ve done a damn good job this far and I appreciate them for doing so, but don’t stop there.

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