Optional Objectives are a must now

After seeing several streamers play some Fl4K gameplay, looks like we have a higher incentive to do optional objectives. In the first Marcus mission, where you have to get a skag spine and can get a psycho spine as an option, a secret door opens up to give you a red chest if you put the psycho spine into the fuse box. Another mission gives you an additional weapon. I think this a good design choice to make us go that extra distance.


Saw that as well. Very interesting BUT I already know it is going to be also VERY frustrating!!

For example Admiral Bahroo didn’t shoot the guy in the ass. Say, for example, I am overleveled and only have a shotgun or rocket launcher and kill the enemy in one hit. How am I supposed to compete the optional objective?
Say I’m Flak and my pet keeps on killing him even before I have a chance to go behind him?

I can easily see other characters or people who only like certain weapons to be VERY annoyed with a lot of these optional challenges. I am happy about them because I don’t mind doing challenging things over and over again but the the more normie playerbase I think they will just not even do most of them.
(And for that Quest I’m sure Amara’s will have such an easy time with that one!)


agree, that mission seems ridiculous. I can only think maybe if he did FL4K’s Fade Away skill to go up the tower and go around the enemy?

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I’m sure you will be able to unequip the skill (his pet).

And there always been optional objectives in Borderlands.


“Just wound ‘em, don’t kill em – the reinforcements won’t show up otherwise.” - Mordecai


@pumkin1988 @nat_zero_six OMG I’m getting flashbacks of playing Maya with Cloudkill. So many mission objectives and challenges are impossible while specced into it.

I’m already concerned that Amaras Infusion skill might ■■■■ alot of things up, be it as simple as kill x enemies with x weapon type.

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It still hurts what happened in that mission…

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When you first encounter that guy, he turns around willingly and sticks his butt out to taunt you. That’s when you’re supposed to shoot him in the butt. All you have to do to complete that optional objective is not kill him immediately and wait for him to do that.


I am curious on how this function will work… you get a better reward for doing optional objectives but I hope they aren’t cosmetic drops.

I know it’s asking much but the ability to replay a mission to get the optional objectives would be nice. The capability of doing a mission again to go after a high end drop would be nice especially if you missed one of the additional objectives. Even if it’s only for optional missions that you didn’t “fully complete”.

Played the quest twice on two different characters. :frowning:
I shot the guy in the butt a lot of times but the optional never went off. Just curious: What is the reward you guys get for doing it or where exactly are you supposed to shoot him or with what?

For reference I shot him with a Vladof pistol and unloaded about 2 clips into his ass then on my other character I figured using a shotgun would give me more area so I blasted his ass multiple times in the ass with a shotgun at point blank range but both times the optional said I didn’t do it.

You have to shoot his butt when he shakes it at you. It’s a specific animation during the fight, freely shooting him in the butt doesn’t count. I think the bonus was just some extra cash.