Optomizing Shaders

Hi, I just bought the game, played 5 hours, now every time I try to launch it I gt this slider and it looks like it might take at least an hour to finish, Ive already been waiting about 30 min and its at about 25%

So an hour later Im still not in the game so I force quit it and am reinstalling. Ive never seen a game work for 5 hours then never work again

Still having the issue, know what Im getting a refund

Default setting now is dx12

Try change to dx11

I had a Windows error. Computer crapped out at like 8pm last night and I had to reinstall windows. After which it would load It still takes a long time to load (but my system is subpar so I expect it) but runs fine when it does.

gamesettings.ini modify that so you don’t start with dx12 and it will load alot faster. The dx12 is long on the first load up after that it should be much shorter but still takes a min or more on slower computers.