Orange is the new pearlessent!

Has there been a “best” legendary equipment drop spot discovered yet?

List your findings below!

Are you asking the best place to get legendaries? If so the answer is anywhere with multiple bosses. Algorithm has seen the most fo me (fist/pauldrons from ISIC, henchmans capacitor x2, poor m-pulse controller, geoffs watch…and another but I forget what it was).

The droprate seems to be similar, so the more bosses you down the better. I say seems because I haven’t seen actual numbers anywhere.

Thanks! I’ve only gotten them from lore so far

The Archive on Advanced seems to be very hot for me.

I got two from Archive in one game, trying Boldur for the first time. Dwarven treasure horde?

The only places I’ve gotten legendaries (minus lore) have been advanced Algorithm and Void’s Edge.

The Renegade. Jailer Hylis drops the Vow of Vengeance, Leechsteal Brooch, and Oath of the Sustained. He has five known legendaries in his loot pool and these three are AWESOME!

I got a Time Killer legendary but I have no idea where from anyone know what actually drops this?

Both Raids are the best. Algorithm and Sentinel due to the amount of bosses you fight.

Bosses have unique drops but they also drop the other random legendary.

Normal hardcore is the most efficiency farm mode but advanced hardcore has the best chances.

There’s also circumstantial evidence that the more people your group the better the odds are like in borderlands.

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I’ve gotten all my legendaries, which is quite a few, from normal public story. So I don’t think advanced has anything to do with it, it’s all just RNG

He supposedly has that other one, the Stable Executioner which pretty much gives any character RNG mechanics to their crits. Basically a d20’s chance to crit anywhere. I realllllly want one of those.

It’s all RNG, the harder modes just boost the chances slightly.

I actually laugh at how hard some of the fights are on advanced with a full party only to drop a green.