Orange Laser "the Longest Yard" fire sound bug

Got the legendary orange Laser “Longest Yard” from an Teh Earworm drop. Problem is when i fire the weapon, there is no firing sound. Reloaded my save but this didn´t fixed it. There is no firing sound when i pull the trigger on PS4. When i reload the gun, there is sound for the reload animation.

After that, i uploaded my charackter and downloaded it to the PS3 and then on PS3 there was the firing sound. Uploaded it again in the hope it would fix itself but nothing. There is still no firing sound when you pull the trigger of this Laserweapon on the PS4.

Anyone else got this peoblem?

Yeah I have the same problem as well. Also the Laser Disker also doesn’t make any sound for me. It’s quite weird but I haven’t found a way to resolve it.