Orange Redistributor

Been combing over YouTube videos to learn what all the new gear is and where to get it and this one threw me for a loop.

I thought the Redistributor was a blue unique…

It is a blue unique. The orange one just comes in any element.

I don’t run any builds that use the Distributor, but I could see how that would be handy. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem right to just take a weapon that’s already in the game as a blue unique and make it orange. I say that because Borderlands has always been a game that prides itself on its variety of guns and it seems like this was a missed opportunity to add something truly unique to the game.

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I’m glad they adding stuff like this. I always wanted to farm mission reward like Sandhawk or Heartbreaker from actual enemy not saving&quiting and keeping the mission not finished.

I think a far better alternative to that is just making the mission that gives the weapon repeatable after you beat the game. Any mission that gives you unique gear should be repeatable when you beat the game. Anything that’s linked to story missions should be worked into loot pools.

This is why I can’t wait until the people who made the Borderlands Reborn mod get to work on this game and fix stuff like this. I revisited Borderlands 2 with the Reborn mod when that Commander Lilith DLC came out and OMG was that awesome. The game was WAAAAAAY better.

then why are you complaining about redistrubutor being on the loot pool of wotan? also have other elemental variants that you can farm, other than the blue shock one.

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It’s the execution.

Redistributor being added to the loot pool? Awesome.

It being added as orange, even though it is already in the game as a blue unique? Not so awesome.

I feel like the better move would have been to leave the redistributor as a blue unique, make it drop as any element, and work it into the loot pool as a world drop but with a higher chance from something on Athenas . Better yet, just make its drop chance higher when you’re on Athenas period. THEN, take something we’ve never seen before (ahem… RYNAH… ahem…) and add that to the loot pool as Wotan’s drop instead.