Orange tree = use only elemental weapons?

Seems like if I go down the orange tree it doesn’t make sense to bother using kenetic/ non-elemental weapons at all. Or should I just max out infusion?

You can use infusion but it has drawbacks like life leech only work with elemental weapons and the damage will not be as good. Generally it is best to use elemental weapons


You’ll be much happier with elemental weapons.

You can play Infusion just fine with Jakobs weapons. Amara has other forms of healing like Samsara and Soul Sap, you do not necessarily need Sustainment, even on M4.

It clearly favours elemental weapons, however Ties That Bind works well with NE weapons too because all damage to linked targets is converted to your action skill element (in this case, Sustainment works with NE weapons too).

I’m not a fan of Infusion, it’s situational and worst of all – unlike any other skill – it can actually decrease your damage output depending on situation (DOT, Overkill). I only put one point there because due to a glitch it increases the number of ricocheting projectiles on weapons like Carrier, Recursion and the Calls. Other than that, I think the points are much better spent elsewhere.