ORCA's Comprehensive Feedback and Bug Report Dump Thread

Alright so a little bit of preface. First I have not touched the MP yet. I am working my way through the Campaigns first. Second this is a case of tough love as the overall quality of the remaster is Excellent.

Also I will be Dividing up into a few categories. General Bugs. Mission Specific Issues, General Feedback and WHY THE ■■■■ DID YOU DO THIS!. fortunately there is not a lot of the later. Also i will not be addressing items that were revealed prelaunch unless they are borked in some way. I have not played beyond Mission 7 yet.



General Bugs and Feedback

  • I appear to get some shadow flickering on on the unit models in both
    enhanced and duel light paradigms. It appears to be some trouble with
    the surface reconciling the global illumination sources

  • The graphics in some menus feel squished like they are operating on a
    different aspect ratio than my monitor’s 16:9. Example the angel moon
    logo is supposed to be square but comes out a bit like a squished

  • For love of god Introduce a mouse sensitivity option.

  • Please introduce a panning speed option

  • GFX Options need better tool tips

  • The cursor needs to be scaled down and or work with the gui scaler

  • Allow the build/r&d/laucnh menu scaling. it feels far to wide.

  • the selected units list on scalar 1 is practically illegible for unit

  • Subtitles are difficult to read in cut scenes

  • strike craft feel like they are rails of sort. i would say ice
    skating is a good analogy but even they have more freedom of movement
    and a chase rabbit from a dog racing track is to immobile

  • Tactics are fairly screwed up. The hotkey should start with F1 and
    EVASIVE tactics. Passive tactics should not exist. Units default to
    passive tactics upon entering the next mission.

  • HW 1 formations are broken. when set to aggressive strike craft
    should hold the formation not dart around. even when not in combat
    the formation is not coherent half the time

  • Big Bug: In full screen mode the game does not disable my
    screensaver. Windows 7 professional 64 bit.

  • Sensors Manager: Before you got the panopticon unit that keeps track
    of all units sensors manager would still pick up large clusters of
    units and represent them as a single sensor contact

  • right click menu is hard to get into

  • End of mission HS prompt could use some work

  • Hyper spacing out of missions the ships are not in sync. they try to
    be but the frigates and other capitals stutter and restart the

  • Probes line up on the wrong side of the mother ship

  • Probes are far to slow

  • Probes do not auto their movement to be done over the sensors manager

  • Missile trails from at least the turanic missile corvette often do
    not exist.

  • turanic missiles can not track or squat.

  • Dock queue goes ridiculously vertical to the mothership. this can
    greatly increase dock times with lots of strike craft.

  • Scout Speed boost does not reset on dock.

  • I was not able to repeat it but scout speedboost seems to cause order
    conflicts. IE i can’t order them to dock and then do a speed boost to
    help the retreat

  • I first noticed it on the NIS in mission 3 but the taiidan are using
    the wrong engine trail color.

  • Fighters do not launch 2 at a time

  • RND ships are supposed to have dialouge between each other when
    forming up

  • Turanic Ion Frigs do not have damage decals

  • Frigates are dieing to quickly

  • Salvette tows wrecks very far under neath its belly

  • Can not bandbox salvage with salvettes

  • Debris does not despawn upon consumption

  • Umm what is with this texture? and over time it keeps growing…

  • Support frigate does not know what to do with itself when ordered to
    bandbox heal multiple ships.

  • I have come to agree that the ion cannon graphics need to be beefier.
    in several cases if i did not hear the sound effect for it i would
    never have known they were firing

  • General feedback about character avatars: they feel a bit awkward in the remastered. I know you do not have much space to work with the new massive amount of GUI everywhere but keep trying

  • Aesthetics I know but the original avatar style was better :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Reduce the lighting in the hangers? it makes it hard to make out details


Mission 01

  • Why does the scaffold have an avatar? Avatars are supposed to be
    reserved for people in charge not general back ground chatter

  • I was always under the impression that “What a beautiful sight” was a
    line said by one of the salvettes

  • a whole bunch of background radio chatter is missing from the
    sequence. I think this chatter is really necessary. without it it
    does not feel like there was an enormity of people behind this

  • I think the launch could of benefited from another unique full volume
    voice. the spacing and different distortions gave me the impression
    there was more 2 people on the entire scaffold. the spacing between
    lines is too quick for one person but would make sense with 2 or 3.

  • there is a discrepancy with fleet intel’s dialouge. he is talking
    about evasive tactics when as previously they do not exist either in
    label or mechanic.

Mission 02

  • the tool tip that comes over the wreck of the Khar Selim is not named
    the Khar Selim

  • Why is the avatar of the Khar Selim of that it being broken? Should
    it not use the image of what it was intact?

Mission 03

  • The explosion shockwaves on Kharak do not merge. instead they just
    awkwardly superimpose themselves on each other.

  • Why do we have an Avatar with the subtitles in this sequence. This is
    another where in the original I thoguht i was hearing many different
    pilots and captains. Further this needs more voice differentiation

  • If you do have to stick with an avatar why is it a heavy corvette?
    You captured a frigate!

  • Why are the salvettes following the cryotrays into the banana?

Mission 04

  • in the NIS with the bentusi there is strange reverb and echo that
    enters the bentusi dialogs around the time he mentions the exchange
    unit. this continues into his next speech

Mission 06

  • Possible balance issue: the kill roids first break down into another
    group of kill roids. they should break down into usable ru asteroids.
    Further can you nerf the physics a little? most of the ru fly away
    before harvesting.

Mission 07

  • Kadeshi Hyperspace Windows is supposed to be RED
    not GREEN

  • the end of the NIS resulted in the death of all my strike craft
    because of the default to passive let my ass get shot here tactics.

The Why in the Frack did you change this section

  • HW 1 Should build like homeworld 1

  • Research should never cost RU

  • Scouts and interceptors use gatling cannons. they should shoot like
    it, long lengthy bursts, and Sound like gatling cannons

Warning: the following bit is the one part I am truly angry at.

    And very crudely I might add. you nipped the main
    reference and 1 or 2 secondaries but still left large sections of the
    old information intact. You should of at least been thorough instead
    of making the inconsistencies WORSE. If you want to fix the problems
    with HW 2’s story then fix it in HW 2 Leave HW 1 alone.

More to Come soon

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