Orcs and Ogres and Dukes, Oh My!

A Duke of Orc is no match for a gunzerker dual-wielding a Nasty Ogre and a Moxxi weapon (Good Touch in this case). Then again, I’m starting to wonder what is…

Edit: I <3 my Nasty Ogre! (“This is the part where you run away…”)

I really only found it useful on Axton, and there mostly because my other guns either use up too much ammo, are “too” OP (DPUH), kill me (SWORDSPLOSION!!!) or just don’t work as well as I want them to (purple Spitter rifles, for example). Then again, Salvador can make the majority of guns spit out either amazeballs amounts of damage or even greater amounts of projectiles, both of which accumulate a lot of DPS. Add in his perma-tankiness provided by Moxxi© and even slag-capabilities by only giving up the ability do aim down sights, and you got yourself… well, a Salvador, really.

Point-and-click it is, my lad :slight_smile:

it’s decent on krieg as well