Orcz.com hacked?

The orcz.com page (the most complete and up to date list of codes Ive found) of shift codes has been hacked.

Just a bunch of dirty wang jokes and nonsense as of now!

Hope they fix it!

Not hacked per say,

Someone just edited and erased everything and left a bunch of crap.

Downsides of wiki :confused:

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SO glad this thread is here!


Just looked. Totally moronic…



I hope some kind soul fixes it…

done, I love edit histories

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You deserve a bloody medal, cobber!


Eh I won’t say no but it wasn’t too difficult, just had to wade through dirty humour generated by the mind of a prepubescent child who just found the adult section of his local library.

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Dirty wang jokes? Alright! I mean…nooooo my shift codes…!

Why can’t they have both.

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