Ore Chasm Slaughter tips

Hi I’m Kiwicider and this is my first topic on the forums. I’ve played borderlands from the first day of its release right up until now but have always had one problem in BL2…

How is Ore Chasm supposed to be done solo in later rounds as Axton?

Now I know there are a lot of people who down right hate Axton and consider him Garbage tier but I enjoy playing him and would love some hints/tips to survive the onslaught of Super Badass Loaders/ Surveyors and Constructor Bots.

Gear and build tips would be great guys :wink:

Try asking in the Axton sub-category - they’re just finishing up revising the gear and build sections:

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First of all: what level are you and what playthrough is it? NVHM, TVHM, UVHM or OP-levels?
Second: whats your setup Skill-Builds/gearwise?

General tips on Axton: Use his strenghts! He is extremely good at roaming and distracting enemies by deploying his turret/s. Try to throw the turret at places where its out of melee-range. Against that Constructors, you can deploy the turret right behind obstacles, so that the Constructors can’t hit them with their missiles. If you have double-up to deploy two turrets, use mag-log to throw at least one of them on the containers’ or the elevators side-walls. That keeps the big baddys distracted while unable to instakill the turrets.
Important: don’t rush yourself and take your time to pick up one enemy after another, cause the more you haste yourself the more likely you will make mistakes.