Orendi: A hit or a miss

Orendi seems to be a problem on my team a lot recently. Is it that she has too high of a skill curve or isn’t capable of performing without a strong mix of bonusses from items?
It’s worrying to see a hero picked in every team and then consistently underperfom, yet easily go 20-1 in other matches.
I personally never have trouble going on atleast a moderate killstreak with her especially since her E now has some amazing range.

To sum it up here are the scores of the last several Orendis I have seen:
1 - 6 - 5 On my team, lower than average damage dealt, lower than average minions
1 - 3 - 8 On my team, least damage dealt, least minions
0 - 4 - 2 On my team, 4v5, least damage dealt, most minions
1 - 2 - 7 On enemy team, average damage dealt, least minions
13 - 7 - 12 On my team, least damage dealt, least minions (The enemy team didn’t really participate)
6 - 4 -6 On my team, most damage dealt, most minions (Yay 1/10!)
0 - 4 - 1 On my team, least damage dealt, least minions
0 - 4 - 2 On enemy team, average damage dealt, average minions
3 - 10 - 10 On enemy team, average damage dealt, least minions
0 - 6 - 1 On my team, least damage dealt, most minions
Data taken from (10/13 recent games AKA those w/ orendi, 12/13 losses for the team w/ orendi, 7/13 losses for my team)

Thus over the last 10 games in which I’ve seen an orendi, she has often underperformed in both damage and minion push, which are her general roles. Any thoughts as to why this seems to be?

I think you just had bad luck with the Orendi players.

Another possible explanation for this is that she’s one of the intital seven that you are allowed to play with, and so people just coming into the game, who have a limited roster and understanding of the core mechanics, might pick her due to her being described as “easy.” In fact, she IS an easy character to play, but is not an easy character to perform well with. She’s who I used initially coming into the beta, having no idea what to really expect, and I ended games with scores like the ones above. Orendi is a popular pick among people just coming in, and it’s always going to bring her average skill level down. Fret not, though, people that stick with her eventually learn to wreck with her, and those that don’t will move on to someone they’re more comfortable playing.


She’s powerful, she churns out tons of damage, but SP takes time to form and can miss.

As the user above me said, she is described as easy, but there are stil things you need to learn to gett the best out of her.

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I feel that Orendi I very good. I main her and have no problem killing anyone in the game. She has very high burst damage and can clear minion waves better than any other Battleborn imo. Plus if you stick with her long enough her last morph for her helix is insane. It makes it so that when you cast your ult, shadowfire pillars spawn under every enemy in a fairly decent range of you. These pillars also get the bonus damage from using skill damage gear and specing pillar and skill damage in her helix.

I have to agree that you probably were just playing with players who didn’t know how to execute Orendi very well.
Though I’m not much of a player killer in the matches I play (mostly meltdown), I am almost always the leader in both damage and minion kills. I’ll end up with 2-3 kills, a few deaths, and just massive damage and minion kills…but when I play her, I play her to take out minions…since her AOE is just so perfect for that.
If someone plays her differently, then you could get sub-optimal results.

I completely agree.

I kinda wish she wasn’t one of the initially unlocked characters but then I don’t know what Rogue would take her place as none of them are all that simple. I’d like Cleese to be available from the start as an interesting support option but he’s not a Rogue.

Thus from these replies an issue lies with her being rated “easy” to play and being an initial unlock causing some early players to pick her and underperform at a high rate (unless 9/10 losses is just her poor luck)?

As far as easy to play rogues go I’d say reyna/shayne+aurux would be easier to play though they are rated advanced/complex respectively. Unusually enough whiskey is rated “easy” though I think he would be the absolutely most difficult to perform with of the rogues.

I’m kind of glad she’s an initial unlock, actually. She’s good for learning the controls and getting acclimated. She’s who I used for it, and I would’ve struggled to grasp the game as a whole without her. Especially if I’d insisted on being Rath or Montana at the start. She’s just such a well-rounded char (which is why I think she’s labeled easy.) She gives new players the range and mobilty and low cooldowns to eventually move on to chars that are just generally more complex to play. Plus, she isn’t just a noob pick. She alone can turn the tide of a battle in a matter of seconds if played correctly. As of right now, she’s my go to ‘safe’ pick for when I’m playing on a team that I don’t know exactly what to expect.

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The reason Orendi is a starter character is that you can abstain from her abilities, spam her primary and contribute to a PvE team. Reyna is all about her abilities and therefore is not easy where it matters. A new player picking up Reyna would be greatly disappointed by her pistol’s DPS and her survivability sans-over-shield and it might even be enough to put them off the game completely.

I think Shayne+Aurux are well placed as an early unlock (Command Rank 6 or 5 Co-Op Missions). In a similar vein to above, there are so many on the forums calling for the boomerang to be buffed completely missing the point that it’s not what the character is about.

I didn’t get a chance to play Whiskey Foxtrot but from skill demo videos and whatnot, they looked pretty complex so surprised to find they are labelled easy.

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That is like my Orendi playstyle. I mostly have like 5 kills but 15 assists. Sometimes most damage dealt, most shards, most buildings, most minions build and such stuff.

Her skills are too predictable and easy to sidestep. At low levels you don’t have the skills to fill the whole map with shadowfire pillars, so you have to be ridiculously good at predicting players movements and place pillars where they can’t see them.

I think shes great.

I chose her as my first BB, and on the first two private missions it was a pretty quick learning curve. Gotta get moving or you’re gonna die. If somebody was choosing her and had previous time spent as a tanky class or easier played then maybe they just werent ready.

The difference in all these characters is lovely. So many options and approaches. Maybe RNGesus frowned on the Orendi in your teams. They’ll get better hopefully :slight_smile:

Good data and thanks for the post!


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At first I was having a lot of trouble once my shields were down, but I got “moving” Things became a lot more easy.

I won’t lie, She’s my Tiny Tina fix. I love the mobility, the callouts, and the damage output. So fun!


Listen I think it is false to list her as easy. I see myself as a strong player, and I can hit a good amount of my skill shots but the fact is is that shadowfire pillars are a skillshot period(for some reason I can’t hit circle skill shots in mobas and this game don’t ask why i don’t know) and to say she’s easy when her strongest move is reliant on timing and precise aiming is silly to me. I think she does outrageous damage when you can hit her stuff, but as someone else said on here people see the easy tag and think they can play, but they really can’t.

I think she’s only easy in way that lets a complete noob play her. Just tell the new player to aim for the minions with the giant AoE circle. Then they can at least contribute to lane control.

Orendi is easy by way of being simple to use. No overly complex tactics or strategies, just straight forward attacking. Aim and fire. Like a revolver. But Orendi’s skills are delayed and too easy to evade. And hitting with a revolver isn’t as easy as firing it. Easy to use, hard to make use of.

She’s my favourite character for PVE and I think that’s where she really shines. She has that Unreal Tournament momentum that I love so much and makes your playstyle become super aggressive and all over the place.
I’m probably just not gonna use her in PVP anymore. Predicting player’s movement more than a second in advance and being careful not to place shadowfire pillars in their field of view, while being really squishy and reliant on a fast burst of damage requires way too much skill for me.

I’d say if they already have the label ‘complex’ they should change ‘easy’ into ‘simple’. That would be a more accurate description.